Persona 4 arena / Persona 4 Ultimax Video Palace

Hey guys Hagaishi here, I was surfing the forums and didnt see a independent spot just for the Persona fighting game series when it came to videos (Combo videos, matches etc) So I wanted to make one! If im wrong and there is already one around here please direct me to it. Other than that I hope a lot of yall guys post some good matches and videos! Soon P4U will be out and its gonna be crazy!! Anyway Ima post a few of videos from my youtube channel and I hope others follow suit, janna mina.

Hey guys im back and I can wait for P4U to drop!! Anyway Im back with some new vids so enjoy!!

Hey guys haven’t been here in a while but I wanted to up date the post and much much more to come, enjoy!

Oh and one more thing, always feel free to post matches on here too guys. Lets show some love for Persona!!

Gotta show so more love for P4AU! Enjoy everyone!

Been awhile guys, so busy with life and all but never fail…I always have cool matches to share! Enjoy!