Persona 4 Arena Stream & Commentary Thread - Season's Beatings Ascension!

I feel we should have one of these too, like in the UMvC3 forum. Whenever a stream’s on feel free to post here for commentary with the other people on here. A more refined version of stream monstering, perhaps.

Any other streams I should be notified of? Feel free to inform me and I’ll edit this post.

Wednesday Night Fights and The Runback:
The Break Weekly on 8 Way Run:
NorCal stream on FinestKO:
PeacefulJay Online lobbies:
Online lobbies from Japan:
24/7 Endless lobbies: (360) and (PS3)
SRK Live:
JiyunaJP (high level Japanese play):

FGC Personalities:
HonzoGonzo (ranked matches):
MarlinPie, Nina, and Mr. Quotes (UMvC3 and P4A):
FGTV with Dacidbro (UMvC3 and P4A):

NorCal stream, with Training Mode sessions, Online sessions, and weekly events:

Online Lobby, training mode, cooking. From Japan:

Wednesday Night Fights:

Ranked battles, at least for now. We’ll have to see if he’ll keep playing this game:

Online Lobby:

Henry Cen’s Mitsuru is really good. Ridiculous pressure with Coup and solid combos. This is the dude to watch for Mitsuru play whenever Big Two’s on.


We got a Kanji vortex going?

Mitsuru is every frauds wet dream come true…

Sounds like the top tiers in Marvel :lol:

no aigis :frowning:

that was quick

I was losing my god damn mind rooting for hardbread to beat da based mitsuru over on the big two. He was working so damn hard for each meager hit.

Actually, there were a lot of holes in his pressure. A lot of times Teddie could have just mashed out of her strings (blocked Coup into jump is extremely unsafe), he was just too scared to do it, probably lack of matchup experience since the game is so new.

Would have liked to have seen more EX Coup for spacing and A Coup into throw in the corner. Solid combos though.

Just out of curiosity do you happen to know how much blockstun coup does, or atleast if it’s + or -?

I don’t know what the actual frame data is, but after playing a pretty good Akihiko earlier today for about 3~4 hours, I’m fairly certain there’s nothing she can do to keep him blocking after he blocks an A Coup at close range (short of burning an OMC or a burst, I guess). Can’t 5A, 2A, 4B, B+D, A+B, jump, roll or throw, his 2A beats all of those. It was online, so I could have just been off by a few frames on the follow-ups, but the connection was pretty good and we played a ton of matches, so I’m pretty sure most of that should be accurate.

And the other versions are slower, so they’re all definitely negative, though I don’t know by how much. Also don’t know how other character’s 5A/2As compare to Akihiko’s, but I’m guessing most should have a similar type of answer to that.

You can autocombo into the A.Coup, holding back all the time so that you can cancel the recovery into another A.Coup as soon as he moves. Other than that, don’t use A.Coup in block strings (unless it’s from an autocombo).

I run 2 24/7 streams for P4A. One is for 360 and the other is for PS3. Both are Endless lobbies. Since I’m good friends with a lot of top players they do tend to come in the rooms a lot to play. The links are:

I’ll be doing some prize giveaways hopefully next weekend. Something like you win 20 or 30 games straight then beat me in a first to 3 and I’ll give you a $20 gift card to where ever you want.

-Tha Hindu

Cool, I’ll add that in the first post. :smiley:

It seems Thursday Night Throwdown added this game to its roster.

It’s streaming right now:

awesome. there can’t be enough persona around!

I tuned in to the Thursday Night Throwdown stream and to my surprise it was S.Lab v Yukiko. What universe am I living in where it isn’t Mitsuru v Chie all day err’ day.

Seeing more than one player playing Kenji feels good

this game is so incredible fun to watch AND play. and so much hype potential, mvc could be envious.
seriously, best FG in almost 5 years.