Persona 4 Arena Stream & Commentary Thread - Season's Beatings Ascension!


Rokrew Arena 4!


Final Roundbats(japan) pre hours stream


Toronto Series XIII - Secondary Stream - Persona Top 8


[SIZE=28px]Capitol Fight District[/SIZE]


GT Friday Fighting Variety


Midnight Challenge


XIEVOLUTION 2012 - NEC Qualifier P4A Top8


Persona 4 side stream


Tokido vs Chris G persona 4


Link for the Canada Cup side stream?

EDIT: Found it,


Who won and who does Tokido use? I remember he said he doesn’t even like the game.

Can’t watch, at work.


Tokido knocked Chris G into losers and a Yu player eliminated him soon after, don’t know who tokido used since I got in after the match was over.


Sorry i thought i put the link.


Um, SCR is going on right now. That’s a thing.


Did you see MarlinPie vs. Viro? No one can block, it’s hilarious.

EDIT: Get in Here.


That matched was far from on point T.T Pain looks on point but his movement in neutral looks rough, maybe he just needs to warm up.


Didn’t Pain play Kanji? ;_;
I feel betrayed.


Iirc he was getting frustrated with being limited and switched to Aegis.


There was Persona 4 Arena at Final Round… damn, this subforum’s really dead, isn’t it?


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