Persona 4 Arena The Ultimate Resource And Noob Website


OK, It’s finally done. Sorry to keep all of you waiting. The online resource and noob website/blog that i promised a few weeks ago is in its final stages.


There was a problem with acquiring a domain name so ill just post the blogger url. Hopefully in the future this can turn into a .com domain. :slight_smile:

Think of this as a first draft. There are still a ton of improvements that need to be done, but i thought id share it with you all regardless. :slight_smile:

My two aims were to compile all of the information about persona 4 arena that was scattered around the web into one place. I wanted the community to have a site to go to which featured moves, combos. Tutorials, tournaments, replays and much more.

(A MASSIVE THANKS to all the Youtubers whose videos i linked to on the blog. Without all of you this would not be possible.)

My second aim was to create a noob section to help newcomers fit right in. This has been done through a general tutorial/faq. Currently chapter 1 has been completed and there are 2 more in the works. I also wanted to create an online open lobby where noobs could gather and learn together. :slight_smile:

Well like i previously stated this site is by no means perfect and needs adjusting in many area’s. If you find any word errors, misplacements etc, please forgive me, it will all be fixed within the next week or so.

i no alot of people think this game is a joke and that is going to die due to it being an anime game, but i and alot of others think differently.

if this helps anyone out there in someway then I’ll be happy. Those who think it’s a pile of rubbish, im fine with that as well. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, it can convert new players into fighting game fans as well as be a good resource for intermediate and advance individuals.

Thanks again to all those who supported the idea. I really hope this game grows into something special. :slight_smile:

Take care.

P.S special thanks to d0c_zaius, chrip, SamuelVimes and floatsuit

See you soon. :slight_smile:


I say go for it - it has the potential to be a great resource if well executed.

Be careful to avoid information overload though; the game has a lot of systems (even though it’s fewer and they’re easier to understand overall than GG/BB’s), and it’s pretty easy to overwhelm somebody new to ASW’s games. One thing that would definitely be very helpful, though more of an intermediate topic, would be an adapted “footsies bible” for Persona - it can be difficult to figure out how to play neutral in anime games because things happen so fast, but understanding neutral correctly is every bit as important to a game like P4A as it is to Street Fighter or KoF.


Man I would appreciate something like this. I am brand new to ArcSys games, I only briefly played BB in college. I would like to play P4A as my main game. A blog to follow and teach me aspects of the game I didnt know were there would be great.


I love it.

In fact, I have had a very similar idea. I fell in love with the learning curve in this game, and thanks to some research, elbow grease, and experience as a teacher, developed a system of training and improving myself in P4A. Still am balls, but it is safe to say I improved more in 5 days of this game than in months of SFxT because of it.
I have lots of ideas and would love to share them with people, but since I am not great at the game just yet I dunno if they are super effective. Mind if I run some by you? It could help both of us :slight_smile:


Go for it. Having more info on the game will help get more people into it and help keep some people in who may be discouraged and want to leave.


Yeah you can help noobs like me.


wow, thanks for the support guys. Most of the suggestions that have been made is what im aiming for as an end goal. Right now im going to focus on a general noob tutorial. I will then move on to advance tactics i.e footsies/spacing, frames, styles of play etc. And finally character specific guides.

Other then a noobie place i want the blog/site to bring all the scattered information around the net into one place.

Im very impressed with the SamuelVimes and Narcowski posts, you guys seem to no your stuff.

I was also thinking about having a section where such knowledgeable individuals could upload their own content to help us fellow noobs. :slight_smile:

The good news is the site is more almost complete. Naturally, it will start off small but hopefully over time it blossoms into something special for us all.

Thanks again guys



Nonono, thank you man. Cannot wait to see it!

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Cover execution, because most of the harder stuff I do in Challenge mode just ends up being blocked, if I’m a millisecond late.


What exactly would one cover in a discussion of execution? Besides the concept of chaining (important for those from Link gamesl, and that execution is a good thing to have and practice, and if there are any executional shortcuts, it is not really too useful to devote time to imo.

I spent weeks learning execution in sfxt, and when I got into a fight I just ran around spamming my combo starter like someone trying to smash a fly with a sledgehammer.

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Well it’s easy for you to say. I come from MK, I don’t even play Street Fighter.

Execution as in it’s really difficult to be precise and minute in a real match, I can’t get past Chie’s challenge 20 after Rampage it requires really fast and precise inputs.

Also, with Mitsuru, when you do D~D>6A/B>2A>D~D, usually my combo counter resets after the 6A/B, meaning it’s a dropped combo, it’s either I do 2A to late or fast, how do you get to be that precise, especially when doing things on the fly in a real match and such.

What do I have to do?


Well I for one have terrible execution, so I cannot give you some really complicated and rewarding answer since I struggle with it too. Honestly, it really is just practice: do your combos against a dummy then make the computer attack you and see if you can still do them. It looks easy but the people doing crazy combos have been practicing for hours and hours and weeks and months and years.

The timing for each combo is pretty different, so it would be be difficult to write a catch all. With practice, it just becomes second nature I assume, just like typing fast on a computer. Only advice I have is to try to work more hit confirms at the start of your combo and/or go for easier combos for now. Less but guaranteed damage is better than high damage you are unlikely to hit.

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Sadly execution is one of those things where the only way to get better is to play more and practice a lot. There isn’t a real “magic pill” that you can take to just start to get better at execution. Keep at it and stuff will just start to click.


How do you hitconfirm when things happen the instant you input a button?


Well hitconfirming does not help the execution of the combo itself, more of when you know you can do the combo or not. I guess I meant that with hit confirming, you will feel safer knowing your attack connected and autopiloting the combo, but if there are execution issues in training yeah.

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How do I do that?


Well hit confirming is when you throw out a few safe moves that you can follow with your usual combo so that if those moves block you can stop the attack and try something else or if you see them hit you have more time to realize it and go into combo.

Not as big here as they are in Street Fighter, I think, but try adding 2-3 crouching A attacks before going into a combo that works with it. For example I play Yosuke, and I know that his dash attack and sweep are unsafe but lead into combos, but if I start with 2 crouching attacks before going into sweep, I can tell if I can continue with thelearning combo or not. This is especially good if your combos/strings have mix ups, and if they gain the habit of just sitting there blocking 3 low attacks you can try to throw or All Out Attack after 1 or 2 to keep them honest.

To practice this, find a string, go to training, and set the computer to random block. When they block the hit confirm stop it when it is safe, when it goes through continue.

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Wow, I use Chie, using 2A is hella fast for me, she usually kicks as soon as I press the button, I don’t think I can react that fast to see if it’s being blocked or not than decide if I want to do a SP attack :*(


Well you are not reacting to hitting it once. Use 2A two or three times in succession, doing three hits should give you enough time to think.

Any other questions feel free to message and I will be glad to help, just do not want to sideline this.
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Quick update. The site should be done in the next few days. Im aiming for Thursday night.

Since the site is hosted on blogger, im just waiting for one of those free domain sites to issue me with a shorten url.

Either way Thursday it will be published. This will be a Alpha version but hopefully you guys find it good for resources etc.

thanks again :slight_smile: