Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax General Discussion (Out NOW in the US!)

Now that the game is finally out for everyone, this forum needs a revival. Let this post be the Recarm we so desperately need.

This thread is for general talk about the game, player finding, combo discussion, etc. Any simple questions and the like go in the [Q/A thread](P4A Ultimax Q&A Thread

E3 2014 Trailer

New Character Trailers

[details=Spoiler]Ken Trailer

Junpei Trailer

Yukari Trailer

Sho Trailer

Adachi and Marie Trailer

Margaret Trailer

Mechanics Changes

DLC Info:

Player List

Phantom Angel (PhantomSRK)
Hawkingbird (Hawkingbird)
The Martian (Shadaloo_Martian)
Celerity (?)
LivewireX (L-W-X)
KennedyKills (izerosleepi)
Effenhoog (Effenhoog)

Xbox 360

Designated SRK Lobby: 06 Gekkoukan High School, IV Emperor


I’ll probably get it on 360 tomorrow, though I may not keep it for long. I don’t like the auto combo system very much, it makes the people I play with turn the game into a standard Naruto fighter.

I didn’t like it at first either. Eventually, I understood that the auto combos, while really good for some characters, have some pretty serious drawbacks. If you want to actually deal damage, you stay away from them.

Have they tweaked it any in Ultimax?

I want to say no, but I really don’t know enough about the new mechanics to do so.

is it true you don’t need the game to download the dlc characters?

Yes it’s true

ok i was checking on psn and i cant find them anywhere where do i go? edit oh wait nevermind i found them

How do I unlock these three characters?

I’m going to have to wait until Thursday to get my pre-order, but I’m still so hyped. There’s like 8 people I want to use.

My game just got an update, so I guess they’re available now.

You better git gud PA. I should get my copy from Amazon next week and Kanji will go after that ass.

Does everyone here have this game on PS3?

They’re actually not there yet… The game keeps saying they’re available, but I don’t see shit. I guess PSN didn’t update yet.

I’ll be ready lol.

Pretty much, so far.

Why are they even locked in the first place. Are they DLC or do you unlock them in game?

DLC. They’re free for the first week… Marie and Adachi, that is. Margaret is paid and will be available next week.

Yeah, so pretty much even if you don’t have the game, just download Adachi and Marie this week for free from the store so you can use them when you get the game. Margaret’s $5 next week, I believe. And most people who play airdashers, play them on PS3 in general. Actually…that seems true of Tekken, Soul Calibur, and KOFXIII as well, with NRS and DOA going both ways. I daresay (at the risk of being off topic) most of the primarily 360 player-base games are Capcom ones.

Don’t forget to post your PSN/XBL accounts(depending on what console you play the game on, of course) so I can add them to the OP.