Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax General Discussion (Out NOW in the US!)


Welp that was pretty cool, spent 30 mins finishing Kanji’s challenge 25 and didn’t get the trophy… lel

Anyways phantom just saw you sign in im on Junes Magician


My power’s acting funny right now… It keeps going in and out. I’m afraid I won’t be able to play today.


Game looked interesting so I thought I’d give this Persona thing a shot for the first time ever, are there any beginner friendly characters anyone can recommend? I’ve been using Rise so far and she’s fun as hell.


Was gonna pick this game up the other night on psn, but the free characters stopped being free a day early. WTF Atlus?


Most characters are pretty beginner friendly really, you can play whoever you want. Yukari, Elizabeth, and Shadow Labrys are the only characters I would say are particularly hard/awkward to start with, maybe Yukiko.


@tetsuro Japanese time or something? That’s weird lol


The European release isn’t until 21st November I am crying. I was thinking about getting a US import but I honestly can’t afford it.


@phantom angel

Gotta be on. You got the time to do some matches?


PerShona is a surprisingly fun character (as is Sho without the Persona). Though I’m also really strangely kind of liking Rise and Aigis. And I keep debating on whether to try/put time into Marie and/or Adachi. Plus, I’m still kind of interested in Yukari, and a couple of others seem okay. It’s odd, there’s so many interesting looking characters in this game compared to the first where it seemed only Narukami and Chie interested me.


This pun was intentional wasn’t it? Is he rubbing off on you?


If you’re still around, I can hop online in a bit.


I love how many characters they added from P3 into this game.

Need me some fresh Yukari tech.


Haha, nah. I’ve had bad puns as my thing for years and years now, lol. But Sho’s bad puns are amazing.


i always seem to get counter hit and fatal countered under presure when im playing kanji…is there like a definitive normal you throw out to stop presure or am i supposed to sit there and wait for an opportunity to escape to neutral?


I’ve been playing as Yukiko… recently been playing as only shadow Yukiko, now it’s true that I’m absolutely terrible, it seems that as shadow I’m consistently worse and am not really sure what I should be doing differently. One thing that is kinda fun is to shadow rampage then spam maragi.

Maybe I’ll just stick with regular Yukiko for now


generally yes, kanjis best defensive option is to block. his 5A is your best and fastest neutral poke as you can 5aaa>air 214a>236a for 2k damage, otherwise if youre too far out for the 5AAA to connect, do 5AA>2a>2ab>236a

any other buttons during pressure pretty much require a huge read, rolling out, dp’ing to interrupt etc


thanks man ive been playing more and figuring out how to play better.


To those who pre-oredered are wondering why this “bop bag” doesn’t work… You’re supposed to fill the bottom of it with water(or sand, I guess).

Works just as advertised now.


Does anyone know if this game is going to be released for PS4, considering MadCatz has a P4Ultimax fight stick for PS4?


I don’t recall any announcements, but I’m sure some version of P4A will end up on PS4 eventually.