Persona 4 Arena XBL Tournament June 15th @ 3PM EST

(Sorry for posting this last minute as I didn’t know P4A had a thread on SRK)

Hey Guys, MastaToken here.

After the apparent success of my last tournament (from what the viewers told me), I decided to get my net situation fixed so stream doesn’t drop and got a new capture card so I can run another one. This time around, I’m doing one for both 360 and PS3. Rules are posted below and this will be streamed at


  • 2/3 Rounds

  • 2/3 Matches

  • 3/5 Matches Grand Finals

  • Double Elimination

  • Once you sign up, post your XBL GT on the thread so I can add it to my list and not searching for it during the tournament.

  • Be signed up by 2:45 pm on June 15.

  • Please be available by 3pm to get tournament running on time so we can get done early and everyone can go about their night.

  • If you sign up and not able to enter, just give me a heads up in advanced so I don’t have No Shows

Signup link:

1st Place: $20 Amazon or Game Stop Gift Card
2nd place: $10 Amazon or Game Stop Gift Card