Persona 4 Arena


I’ve been wondering why there has yet to be a topic about this upcoming game.

So, the game’s specs? Have a list!

-13 characters, 11 of them from both Persona 3 and 4
-Every character has their Persona (those from the 3rd game being the characters’ ultimates)
-You can switch the color palette of the characters and their Personas individually (More are coming via DLC.)
-You can also equip them with glasses (although they may be aesthetic and may vary from character to character, as one could wear reading glasses while the other has ski goggles) (The glasses are DLC for the console version, unfortunately.)
-It’s developed by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear and Blazblue)

In this game, you have to play as your character and it’s Persona at the same time, although the character’s dependance upon them may vary. Just like your character, your partner has a health bar, although unlike the fighter’s, emptying it simply means that the Persona is unavailable for a set amount of time.

The game goes out August 7th. Your thoughts?



Did you even try to look to se if a thread was already made?

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There wasn’t a thread in this section, so yeah I checked. Besides, the other threads talking about it must be at the wrong section.


You were saying?


The game is very promising. Something to pick-up and not overly technical for beginners. Strongly a day one purchase from me!




My copy of P4A came in last night. I’ll be streaming later tonight.

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We have a sub forum now.

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