Persona 4 European PSN-ID List

Hi there guys

Since P4A came out in Europe recently i decided to make a thread with the EU players specifically.

PSN ID: Idaten_Shinobi
Character: Elizabeth
Location: Eastern Europe
Additional Info: I got the game couple of days ago so i am not that great at the game yet. Love the P series, love arcsys games, love fighting games.

Maaaaannn… This thread says it all about the state of fighting games in Europe. Add the fact that PQube takes a year to release any ArcSys games over here. I seriously was THIS close to not give a damn about this game until I saw Woolie hype it up in his top 10 of 2012 list.

Anyways, I’ve been getting into it as much as I can lately.

PSN: Maagikki
Character: Akihiko
Location: Northern Europe
Additional Info: Also a total newcomer to this game. Not too familiar with Persona, but Arc System Works always makes the most amazing fighting games.

Aye. I adore Persona 4, it’s by far and wide my favorite RPG and probably the only game I consider absolutely flawless (y’know, expect that you had to go back and forth in the menus when creating Personas to get the specific moves you wanted. But that was fixed in Golden anyway),
but even I had lost all hype by now considering both the dwindling number of players since launch and the general hardship of jumpin online a year after its release. But The Best Friends have a way with word when it comes to making games sound amazingly fun, and when Pat put Golden on number 1 on his list as well, I felt properly hyped to give this one a go after all.

PSN: CrimsonMoonMist
Character: undecided, but will probably back and forth with Yu and Chie for now.
Location: Northern Europe.

PSN: HaeHei
Character: Not sure yet i like akihiko atm
Location: UK

I’ve just got this game and really enjoying it. I hope there are a healthy amount of people online to play against.

PSN: neomix_nutype
Chara: Trying them all
Location: England

I’ve had this game for a while now and I’m looking for people to train with ^^

PSN: EagleGeo
Character: If only I knew…if only.
Location: Sweden

Feel free to add me :smiley: