Persona 4 Frame data


Is there any frame data out there? And if not can someone tell me all invincible moves in game if you know any or all? I might just go ahead and try to figure it all out but need to know invincible move list.


Unfortunately, there is no reliable form of frame data as the Persona 4 mook did not have any. However, bits of frame data were released by Famitsu and are in the Dustloop wiki. For moves that are invincible (I’m assuming you don’t mean something that’s ‘x’ attribute invincible), the answer is all DPs and most supers (possibly all supers. I can’t recall if there’s any that aren’t invincible on start up). Also, Mitsuru’s 2B has three frames of invincibility.


Everybody’s 2B is head invincible (except Yukiko, since it’s a fan toss). The only difference is which frame the invincibility starts on.


Yes. Everyone’s 2B does have head attribute invincibility, however Mitsuru’s has 3 frames of straight up invincibility. As to why, I have no idea. But it was confirmed by top players in Japan.


Thought it was just someone trolling you, so I went to check it myself and holy crap it really does have a few (very very few) invincible frames on startup. That’s…weird. I’m not even sure what you’d use that for. But nice find.


It’s extremely useful for breaking out of persona-based oki, basically renders a lot of setups useless on Mitsuru or forces you to alter their timing. It’s been known about for a long time, though.