Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena


official site
a collaboration between arc system works and atlus
released for arcades and console in spring and summer 2012 respectively
shoji meguro doing the music
with p3 characters included
curent roster:
Yu Narukami/Izanagi
Chie Satonaka/Tomoe
Yosuke Hanamura/Jiraiya
everyone playable in p4 whatever

Persona 4 Arena
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I can honestly say that I never would have expected this. That said, Day 1. And Chie better be Gold Order Sol-level broken! :lol:


Wow. I wouldn’t have expected this either. Very interesting. Good to see Arc at work.


The fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck?

This is some weird shit man. I heard there was going to be a persona 4 game and thought “oh cool, another 3DS port, should get a lot of new people into the game for Persona 5” but instead we get this?? And so soon?? How did they keep the lid on this? Gaaaah forget it, I’m just going to let the info trickle in.


word from andriasang (via famitsu) is that the blazblue team is working on it. is the blazblue team significantly different from the GG team, aside from mori designing? cause really fuck blazblue. arc hasn’t really done anything worthwhile since GG :confused:


This has me so fucking excited. P4 on vita, Persona 5 announced and now this fighting game is the icing on the cake. Wonder if its gonna be like Jojo or if the personas will be completely seperate characters.


too bad they are making one out of one of the worst games in the series. now if hitoshiro was in it…


They are all listed as character/persona so I’m guessing Jojo-ish.



Not really excited (barely).


500% hype combo meter filled.

I can’t control it.




The main character better be the name I picked for him: Jim DeLancey. This is a dealbreaker.

Gonna use Yusuke to beat the shit out of Chie. AS IT SHOULD BE.


It’ll be interesting if at least some of the team behind the likes of Hokuto and BASARA X end up working on this one.

Maybe this game will end up being a sort of bizarre lovechild between JJBA + Hokuto/SBX. :smiley:


Dude what

Out of fucking left field


Yukiko for top tier


I hope the game doesn’t play like Blazblue. The game seems like it would have potential. The characters in 4 were really good imo.


What the fuck at first I thought Persona fighting game it’s gonna be shit like Ehrgeiz but now that I know Arc is making it I’m super hype, I’m just praying that Chidori will be a playable character.



Sweeet thanks for the info.


[S]Mitsuru for god-tier.[/S]

oops, wrong game…


Put in Hanako and make her play like Rufus