Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena


Noticed this little tidbit.

All I can say is, “thank you for pointing that out.”


Oh hell yeah, my order from newegg will arrive TODAY, should be here by the time I get off work. 47.99$ with release date delivery, godtier newegg, I’m hyped!


Hmm, not sure what sucks more. Having to wait a few days for the game, or the giant constant kidney pain I’ve been having for the past 36 hours, lol.


watching the finestko stream. dat dacidbro akihiko yo.


Livewirex you might have some kidney stones and thats rough i have surgery for mine upcoming this week. Go see a doctor bud


There’s a stream on Finestko? Blah, how did I not know about that…

And thanks for your concern Knownas, but since it’s just been since late Sunday night I’m not too worried yet. But hey, I’ll give it till tomorrow.


I’m still waiting on my copy from Amazon. It says it arrived in my city last night at like 10:56 PM and now it’s out for delivery. COME ONNNNNNNN, I CAN ONLY GO SO LONG BEFORE DYING.


Xbox version hopefully gets patched this week been grinding out P4U mobility and some setups along with hit confirms. My PlayStation copy won’t arrive until later in the week.

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360 version gets patched this week? Awesome dela pawesome!



I haven’t even started playing the game yet and I’m already in love with it. Holy shit. The presentation is sick. I think I’m gonna have to play the RPGs at some point. The fact that I can play a fighting game to the backdrop of ‘Battle for Everyone’s Souls’* is so fucking incredible.

Never even played the games and I’m in love with the series’ soundtrack (and knew of the soundtrack long before even knowing they were from these games). That’s how fucking godlike it is.


If anything…this game makes me want to try out the RPG series.


Don’t do it!! It’s a trap!


Do it!


The full glasses pack and full colors pack are each $5.99 on PSN (or whatever $6 of MSP is on XBL). Significantly cheaper than the Japanese versions, which were 800 yen each.


Just got it for 360 liking it so far just going thru trials. First Atlus game I have ever played.


Just watch the anime… The games are 100 hours of time management social simulator and dungeon crawling.


rocking that black kanji online :smiley:


How’s the online guys? Heard the PSN one was really solid.

Picking my copy in about 4 hours.


360 is ass :confused:
only 2 bars and below for me for both rank/player matches


They’re not -that- long.

Also, p4 is really good! Don’t play p3 unless you play p3p.