Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena


Not a fan of how slow the recovery on Short Hop is.


So it’s known the X360 version has online problems and the PS3 doesn’t.

How’s the PS3 online overall? Still deciding which console to get this for.


[Insert Smash Bros Melee joke here]

I haven’t played this game, so I keep lurking this topic for feed back.
Keep posting, assholes. The online doesn’t work, and no one here has friends. What can you’ll be possibly doing?!?!?


I thought this game was $49.99. Full price is apparently $59.99 (or so Gamestop says). Damnit, I’m damn near broke as it is. :frowning:


“Shitty” unpatched netcode on 360>BB netcode from the 2 hours i played against randoms


Oh shit, he went there, lol.


Thank you guys for the warning…Disgaea is enough RPG for me at this time.


Funny thing about it is that I realized when playing against Asian players it’s a 3-4 bar match yet playing against U.S. players results only 0-2. don’t know if it’s just only me but seriously wtf :confused:


I come from a Street Fighter background with SF4 as my first and only game that I’ve played very seriously. So I have Persona 4 right now and it’s frying my mind. This button lay out, air combos where you have to double jump to keep the combo going, and even pressing so many buttons one after another is so foreign to me that I’m feeling overwhelmed right now.

I don’t mean to say the game is hard. It’s just so different then what I’m use to but I’m going to stick it out. Whether I like it or not, I want to actually learn how to play it even if it doesn’t end up being a game I take seriously.


US has shitty internet lol. But the netplay will be good


Post some online matches guys.


here you go.

Do to the constant lag I had a hard time playing against other opponents. Plus still learning Kanji so I may be repetitive on some moves

More to come just have to edit them :confused:


Instant AirBackDash-Forward is the game’s real short hop. (IABDF?) The actual short hop just seems to be there for fighting Kanji.


wtf, the game doesn’t change the button layout of the command list or for challencges when you change your buttons. That…really sucks


It’s basically an alternative to IAD with a different angle but still similar speed and risk. It was never supposed to be as dominating as a kof hop.


should i change my layout ? i mean the default is square on console, but is that the same on arcade? i can’t really decide which one will be most comfortable


Arcade is square im pretty sure.


where do you start persona:trinity soul, or just jump on persona 4 the animation


trinity soul seems like a spin off… just watch P4 animation.


ohh, ok. cool, thanks :slight_smile: