Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena


I love P4A, but if Arcsys doesn’t do anything beyond what we’ve got now and continues to update BB and/or GG its chances of staying alive past this year aren’t good.


I don’t think this is the case. People seem to like their P4 alongside their blazblue and guilty gear.


I personally think of it less of “Support P4A so we can get another game next year!” and more of a “Support P4A for the future of ALL anime fighting games!”


I think, as has been said, P4A and the scene behind it has the responsibility of carrying the flag and bearing the weight of the Anime/Airdasher community as a whole. Even if people don’t necessarily play P4A, or if they prefer another game over it (why, I myself personally prefer BBCSX, but still know that P4A is a pretty legit game), now’s as good of a time as any to start, and now’s the time, if you want your game to succeed to push for P4A, tell people about it, and spread the word. Support for P4A will most definitely lead to more P4A in the future, but it will also lead to more great games like it being able to shine.

I don’t think it’s as much that at all and that you’re being a little harsh on Arcsys. They’ve put out some good games and the fault has ultimately fallen on us as a community for being too divided when we need more now than ever to be unified. They gave us a chance in 2011 with BBCS2 and we blew it, even after we had to claw and get that spot. The fact that they gave us a 2nd chance is NOT something that should be taken lightly and I feel at this point 90% of the responsibility falls on US as the players, and those people that run the scenes and the events to support the games because if we don’t support each other, then nobody is going to support us. The MK community gets a shit ton of crap, but they stay strong together and it’s resulted in them being in EVO 3 times in a row despite what the naysayers will try to claim. We can be that community, we can do what they can do, and we can bond together just as well as the KOF community did to get KOFXIII into EVO last year. They’re giving us a rare second chance and gave us the ball, now it’s up to us to run with it.


??? How am I being harsh on ArcSys? All I said was that if we continue with what we have right now while ArcSys keeps working with BB and possibly even making a sequel to GG then I don’t see P4A keeping active in 2014.


While it’s certainly possible, putting out a new BB or a sequel to GG in and of itself won’t kill P4A. I feel P4A should be treated as a separate series made by the same company as opposed to a sequel for one game. Like, I don’t view P4A as the sequel to BBCSX, the same way I don’t consider Injustice to be a sequel to MK9. I mean, I can’t blame Arcsys for putting out new games as much as people for not being consistent in support.


P4A is a single game, of which it is a spin-off from an RPG series (can you really call P4A a series based on that?) and has inconsistent support across countries - NA doesn’t have the DLC that was later released in Japan, and Europe doesn’t even have the game. To further its niche status, Atlus was content releasing P4A in a single wave, with no plans of restocking or resupplying. You can bet that I’ll be competing in this game for EVO 2013, but there’s precious little going for it as a lock for EVO 2014 even if numbers are impressive for 2013… it really is realistic to expect other ArcSys titles thrive in the future off of the support P4A receives this year.


Well yeah, but my point was just that being realistic doesn’t mean you have to be pessimistic about it, is all. But I apologize if my comments are coming across as harsh or ‘strong’.


Some new matches from japan



If it seems like P4U isn’t getting the support from the developers like it should, then we should pick up the banner and show them that this game is worth the time and effort to support. We should be playing the game, we should be voicing opinions, we should be getting people to play with us and growing this game.

One of the popular excuses is something along the lines of “they wouldn’t pay attention no matter what we do.” Then it should be up to us to make them pay attention.


Screw waiting for developer support. We kept games and communities alive fine even without developer support throughout the so called “dark years” between 2000 and 2009. If you want a game to thrive, you can’t simply wait on the devs, it’s up to us, the community, to put in the blood, sweat and tears to keep the game and the community alive.


I didn’t hesitate to book a flight to Vegas and a room in the Paris the moment this game was confirmed for EVO. It’ll be my first!

I’ve also been in the lab all this week getting ready for a local tournament (and Final Round qualifier!) this weekend. Everyone else’s sloth is my gain.



Speaking of that…I should probably plan out some Vacation Days now…


Got back on the grind and hit S rank last night ^^ idk if I should feel good because I keep running into B-A ranks that autocombo for every confirm --


To be fair, sometimes if you get too mash happy you start going into the autocombo anyway, and a lot of people will just say “screw it”, instead of by the 3rd hit of it, backing off so they don’t do it.


I’m talking like they’ll land a clean hit with the chance for some good damage, and then just autocombo every time. I’ll play against an A Mitsuru who’s like 90-10 that only knows they have a reversal and autocombo. I have no idea how that happens. Almost every character can take a 5AA and get a better convert than autocombo with time to confirm, but people still autocombo. there’s no excuse for that.


Oh, I getcha, yeah. I mean…admittedly I’d think they would have to have at least learned some basic challenge combos. Though, that being said, isn’t your rank more based on games played?


Since you can rank down past C you have to be somewhat consistent with winning. Idk if it’s a bug or ratio thing or people are just not accepting good matches.


I don’t know, my win/loss record is quite possibly one of the most embarrassing things ever, and I’m somehow at C.


Well, once you hit C you can’t rank down lower than C, but if you go higher and lose you’ll get bumped back down again.