Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena


There’s also the fact that a lot of the better players that bothered with ranked are now mostly S or above. Back when the game released (and for about a month after that), you could still find plenty of good players around B~A rank.

Since they’ve all moved higher (or don’t play ranked at all, or used to but don’t anymore), the vast majority of the remaining people aren’t as good. So there’s more room for people who honestly aren’t all that good to get all the way up to A. The ranking is really just another way of displaying win rate: it doesn’t account for how good you are or how good the people you beat were, only how often you won in general. The way it’s structured, you can’t use it as a measure of skill at all.


I’m not so sure; I think you have to be pretty decent to make it to MASTER at least. There’s some truth to what you’re saying, but in the end a top ranked player has at least shown the ability to outperform the majority of people most of the time (hence the >50% winrate necessary to climb in rank).


This scrub janne-da-arc24, is Master rank:


This is how he plays vs. everone, mash R-action and B raging lion all day. This guy also ragequit on me in ranked…and he has 9000 matches played.


Y’know, if he’s that absolutely awful, then I’d hate to think of your opinion of the guy who lost to him 3 times in a row.


Yolo Narukami shenanigans is a common sight online. Rank holds little weight to actual skill. Treat a F Rank player the same way you treat a SS player(Unless they request to go easy because they are beginners). You never know if they play offline and don’t bother with the near dead Rank Online. Most of the activity is at the Player Lobbies anyway


I think his opponent was better actually…more composed, understood how to apply the Yu oki atleast. That said, he got mashed out of a lot of things and just wasn’t ready for that…both players played pretty bad but I think if his opponent just calmed down a bit, he would have beaten janne.


That may be so, but unfortunately understanding oki and that doesn’t mean much if your defense is lacking. Like, sure I know the oki and how to attack, but I have a bad tendency to press buttons when on defense and get hit by stuff or sometimes even wakeup DP. So sure, having proper attack is nice, but to be a complete player you really have to have good defense too.


Well the reason I mentioned it is that janne-da-arc has 9000 matches played but very recently asked(on gamefaqs) why he should do Yu oki and how to do it. That’s disturbing to me for someone who’s played that many matches and is supposedly “Master Rank”.

Anyway he is an extreme case but still, there are many fraudulent high rank players out there and it’s pretty easy to take advantage of the flaws in this ranking system.


Heavy uses of Big Gambles and variations of raw ground/air raging lions is the new Narukami tech that the people must embrace. Izanagi Oki is such a hassle and not reckless enough for the ideal Narukami player


That’s amusingly enough something that sometimes bothers me since I don’t like feeling like I have to rely on Big Gambles or Raging Lions as I feel aside from the SB version of Raging Lion, those are potentially easily baitable. I’m starting to like parts of Chie’s oki better, or at least some of her corner stuff. Like 5B>2B>236A>236A>5B>5C>stuff (that can sometimes be 236B>236B).


Man, this is my first fighter and already people are talking about me :slight_smile: I feel honored you would put a video up of me and its not even of me losing. Thanks Emil (or more than likely Albedo lol). Anyways yeah who cares if I dp and raging lion all day? If it gets me the win great :slight_smile: If people blocked it then I might try other moves. If that makes me a scrub then I now announce myself King of the Scrubs!..but I still win :slight_smile: Anyways yeah whatever I can be Master rank but the onyl thing it proves is that I am STILL living rent free in your head lol.


Hey guys. I just picked up Persona 4 Arena today due to the Gamestop sale, and I’m really enjoying it so far. How is this game dead? With the lower price it should have easier time getting new players who were on the edge. Anyways, the only fighting game I’ve been playing right now is Marvel. I don’t know what to expect from this game combo/play wise, if anyone could link me to helpful sources I would really appreciate it. I’m thinking of picking up Teddy as my main right now, but I’m having a good time with most of the cast. Hope you guys will welcome a new player! I’m one of those guys who is relying on the autocombos for most of my damage right now haha.


When people say game is “dead”,its really not with a few exception. Persona 4 Arena is not “dead” as of now, thats the infamous stream monster logic

Its fine to start getting the hang of the game relying on autocombos at first. The Tutorial Mode is a good spot to get spotted. The Challenge Mode is another good place to start learning some of Teddie stuff. Otherwise just slowly move on from auto combos to basic combos to some of the more advanced stuff like IMC and Burst technology



And don’t worry about auto-combos, the whole point of them is to have an easy go-to conversion so you can learn the rest of the game without having to worry about inputs. Get used to the core mechanics first (DPs, rolls, bursts, the fact that throws can’t be option-selected like in Marvel and they have whiff animations, your character’s overall style - i.e.: managing items for Teddie).

Once you’re comfortable with those, you can hit up training mode and work on better combos.


The amusing thing about that whole bit is that with DSMoove in Japan, Dacidbro dumped Akihiko and is going Chie for now, lol.


Yeah, I recently picked this game up due to the GS sale and this game from what I’ve messed around with seems awesome. I hope I can get comfortably good by the time EVO rolls around:) That being said, considering SRK is more Capcom based, is there another forum out there I should be visiting for more information?


Dustloop, pretty much.

It’s felt like the game’s been getting a bit more active now that P4’s been announced for EVO2K13.

Ranked matches work like this:

If you are F rank to D+, any three wins in a row will rank you up. Any three losses in a row will rank you down. The opponent’s rank does not matter in these cases. If you’re D+ and you lose three times to SSS people, you will still drop to D.

From C rank to A+, you can only rank by either winning 3 in a row or losing 3 in a row to players who are within a ‘half-step’ of you. So if you’re C+, only matches against C and B will count toward/against your rank.

When you reach S, you can only rank up by winning 5 in a row to players who are within a half-step, but you can rank down by losing only THREE in a row to players within a half-step. So from S and higher, you need to be more consistent.


Dustloop or Mayonaka Midnight Forums, although this thread used to be pretty active pre-release


I’d never even heard of MMF before you mentioned it, actually. And it’s REALLY good to see people getting active with this game since it’s been announced for EVO. It’s like…before people didn’t think it had a chance to make it in and so they kind of were considering giving up on it, and now that it’s in, they’re starting to realize that we can actually do it and get our games in and are giving it more of the love it deserves.


Pretty sure you don’t have to lose matches in a row and it doesn’t matter the rank that you lose to. The thing is, once you’ve reached the point where you will derank, you must fight someone who is within one rank higher/lower than you to get the “Lose and rank down” match.

So technically, as an S rank player, you can lose a ton of matches to an F rank player, but until you fight someone who is in A+, S or S+ rank, you won’t get the “lose and derank” message.