Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena


I’d love to help verify too, but well, I’m still stuck at C, lol.


we tested this months ago, ciddypoo is correct.

you can tell if you’re battling for ranked if “rank battle” appears on the loading screen (if you arent within the rules, the “rank battle” wont display)

also i think master rank can only rank up vs other master ranked players, but they can still rank down from SSS



I just bought a new PS3 and decided I’m going to Evo this year. Looks like a lot of other people are coming back too, that’s great!


After looking for like 10 minutes through the broken forum I thought we’d been deleted ;_;


Hello.  I was wondering if anyone could give my tips for how to execute trials 24 and 30 for Yu Narukami.  Those two in particular are giving me a lot of trouble.<br>


Hey there was an update today and I can’t find a thread about this or news, anyone know what this affected?


Hmm…? Really?! I have no clue myself, but if there is an update, perhaps we can be a bit hopeful to see some future DLC! I love this game and play it every weekend with my buds, but it would be nice to see some updates. Even if they are minor.

Do you know the size? I’m not at home to test this.


I received no updates. Either you have not patched Persona 4 Arena since they fixed the Yukiko Fire Break Agidyne glitch (which was a long time ago) or something else.


Anyone knows where to find the the FRXVI videos of P4A?


Coming soon. I’m actually uploading the remainder of my FR16 footage at this very moment. I would expect it to be up by this evening.

Sorry it’s been taking so long. My computer was having a ton of problems during the FR16 stream and I had to make a lot of compromises just to keep the stream itself running smoothly, one such compromise being my local archive. Normally I save a 720p quality local recording of every match I stream, but I had to forego that during FR weekend for the most part. I was able to download and save a copy of my Twitch archives before Twitch sporadically erased them, though, and that footage will be uploaded to Youtube. It’s just been a pain to put it all together. Twitch saves everything in 30-minute chunks, so I had to combine these videos manually. The timestamps were fucked up and weren’t being picked up correctly by most of my video editing software, so that was causing audio desync errors that I also had to fix. I was hoping to be able to split the hours-long archives into individual match videos, but I finally just threw in the towel for that because it was also causing problems and I figured that it’d be best to just finish all of this sometime this month, so I’ll just add timestamp links in the video descriptions later. Bleh.

Fortunately, the P4A top 16 happened to be the one point during the weekend where the local recording worked without a hitch, so I will be able to upload slightly higher quality individual match videos for those (still not 720p, unfortunately).

For those who played on the stream station, I’d be interested in any feedback you may have. In particular, I’m wondering if placing the commentators so close to the players was a bad idea. It was something that I wasn’t thinking of when I was setting up all the equipment, as I’m used to streaming in cramped venues where that’s unavoidable anyway, and it’d be something I’d try to be conscious of in the future.


I both played a match on stream and commentated a little bit. No complaints here. Players are too focused on the screens and the game audio to be distracted by surrounding chatter. Plus it was always loud in the room.


Anybody still play this game? It seems pretty dead on XBL. Is it more active on PSN? I’m debating picking it up cheap for PS3, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

I wish I had some local competition :frowning:


I’m finding it fairly active on PSN, if you play player matches.


I’ve been playing it a bunch last couple of weeks on PSN, there’s always plenty of people on doing player matches


In regards to the dated discussion, I can totally agree. I left Persona 4: Arena at B-Rank on my original PSN and I was awful. I didn’t do any research, I didn’t know any hit-confirms, I didn’t know all of the system mechanics or how to use, and my Oki-game was poorly developed and woefully braindead. Of course, this was all with Yu.


Love this game so much!


“People still play this?” - FChamp 2013


I figure this is the general discussion thread for P4A but it is so…dead.
Was anyone from SRK at Otakon this year? The level of play for Persona there was pretty darn high, I had to keep to the SFxT setup to prevent myself being mad embarrased.


Yeah, P4U SRK forum is a wasteland.

Online there are still a ton of people but at least half of them seem to lolicon pillow hugging otaku/weeaboos with no FG experience and no fundamentals whatsoever (how the hell do they even get their high level ratings?). I mean, I’m not even that good of a player but shit ain’t fun to the extent that it makes me wonder if they aren’t even trying.

Hey, I’ve been known to square mash with the rest of them but even someone with an elementary understanding of FG (spacing, zoning, BnB combos) and the square button can become a murderer in P4U online. So why does everyone suck?

Oh, the other 50% Well 20% of those are bazillion point soulcrushers and of the remaining 30%, 20% seem ok and the other 10% are just fans of the RPG…


This thread is looong dead, so I made a new one: