Persona arena; is the soundtrack worth the extra £10

Almost out (3.5.12 UK), can preorder for £25 or £35 with CD and vinyl soundtrack.

Is the soundtrack any good?

Who pays for music anymore.

Like a lot of pack-in special edition stuff, it’s purely for collector’s value. Especially since (I think) the vinyl version is a UK exclusive.

If you’ve played the other Persona games, this is the same composer (Meguro), so you can expect more of the usual. Specifically, this is the six-track arranged album that came out in Japan last year, just on a 12".

Never been a playstationer so not familiar with the previous games but went to the youtubes and had a listen -should’ve thought of that sooner.

Only asked because I’m kicking myself I didn’t pay the extra couple for the arcana 3 cd, that would’ve been cool for beat hazard.