Persona - Overall thoughts on the game? Players review


Hey guys, still waiting for the game to be released in the UK (sigh)
Just wanted to know from you how you feel the game is.

Think of it like a gamers review eg. Accessiblity, netcode, character variety etc and most importantly survivability (will the game last)

Been seeing all the streams and tournaments packed and comments of hype but is it enough to say that it will make EVO?

Be looking forward to hearing your thoughts, good or bad…


Love this game!!! Never played an Arc System game till now and so far enjoying every moment of it. Only problem I had was the first week, for the 360 release, due to netcode issues, but Arc fix that :slight_smile: Hell the connection against Asian players was flawless compare to other fighting game I had played. If you want to just add me to your friend list as training partner once the game is release over at Europe.

Gamertag: antman9139


Defiantly matey, I’ll add you now;)


I picked mine up last week and blazed through story mode first. Here’s my favorite plot threads in order:

  1. Labrys - does a really good job of explaining why these friends would by fighting each other and justifying the fighting game format
  2. Kanji - hilarious
  3. Elizabeth - amusing
  4. Aigis - some funny parts

My least favorite by far was Teddie. I want to strangle him whenever he speaks.


My first serious ArcSysWork fighter. I love it.

This may even lead me down the path of trying BlazBlue:CP for seriousness later on.

But I am still a Capcom kid at heart. This game is good enough to bring the anime out of me.


It’s cool so far. However, my only little annoyance is in how some of the character’s counters are their Furious Actions.

Not even so much that it’s a counter or a furious action, but rather that a counter can work against a grab. It’s something I’m definitely not used to.


having alot of fun with it, way more than marvel/SF at the moment. sadly even though i love it i dont think the game will last in the community…hopefully im wrong :smiley:


I’m having a blast with this game. I admit I was worried when I first heard about some of the systems, like 2 button DPs and the status effects sounded gimmicky, but there really is an amazing amount of depth to be found here. I really hope it lasts, but the community for anime fighters seems to often be fickle.


still waiting for uk release - recently found out it may not be the 7th:(
oh my god…


I was kinda skeptical about this game but t’s a really fun game. Having a blast trying out Labrys, the netcode is good and I also love the story mode. I’m glad I bought it, something new for a change.


Havent played an ArcSys game since Guilty Gear X2. I was a bit worried going in to the purchase - the game seemed to have a comparatively smaller cast, I wasnt sure about the size of the playerbase, and the graphics in videos gave me the impression that $60 seemed to be a bit high price for this game.

I have to say I’m loving the game. Funny that I was worried about the price, because this feels like the most complete fighting game I’ve purchased in awhile and was most definitely worth the money. No broken features, matchmaking works great the first try without those annoying retries, network performance is great. I never played the Persona games but the story mode actually gave me a good impression of who the characters were and had a pretty decent story. Has a replay feature, and other cool features that Capcom games I’ve played as of recent did not have (such as a separate ranked rating for different characters, which I thought was pretty cool).

But most importantly, the gameplay feels great. I haven’t been quite able to figure out if it’s the balance or the controls, but “something” is making it feel really good and result in a lot of great matchups. As uncomfortable as I am being so new to these controls (since I’m used to playing Capcom games… the hitstuns different, pacings different, combos are different, setups are different, recoveries… etc) I can actually hang pretty good with higher ranked players. Of course they win more than I do, but it’s a lot of fun close matches. And I’ve found matches with newer players could be pretty fun too. As long as they can get about 2/3 through the challenges for their character they could be pretty competitive.

The controls are simplified enough that anyone can pick it up easy, but the effects each characters attacks have make them unique and deceptively deep. As I said I don’t know if this is a result of the controls or the balance (I’m sure a bit of both) but it’s feeling great.

Having a good feeling about the future of this game so far, hope things stay positive for it and people get behind it more as time goes on, similar to KoF recently.


I’m actually having a problem with online play. namely “fast connection”. For whatever reason, I can never connect to just about any of them when I go actively looking for rooms to join and there’s a bunch of rooms that are PRIVATE that show up on the list as well. (Why, if it’s private? I have no clue.) However, when I turn it to “anything” and join any non fast connection room, I can join just fine.

Is fast connection basically set up so that it will only let people who have a fast enough connection to the host, be able to link up in the room? If so, that’s kind of absurd, when you could just use it as a means to only show those who have fast connections in comparison to yours and just be able to immediately join their room from then on.


It’s possible that it doesn’t consider your connection fast enough to play with other people wanting “fast connections”. I had the same problem. I would remove the fast connection from the filter and just pay attention to the connection quality, 2 and above seems playable to me.

Anyway so far this game has been a mixed bag, mainly because of how much it holds a scrub’s hands and how scrubs are so persistent to keep playing like scrubs instead of trying to learn the finer points in the game. Scrubs online always kill games for me.


Its ok. No real complaints about the gameplay, but Im just not having as much fun as I want to with the game :frowning:

Maybe its me not understanding it, but I just don’t enjoy it so far.


Unfortunately, I need to check and see if I can fix the settings, because those icons are soooooooooo tiny, that I can’t even tell what they’re saying. (I’m on a CRT TV, so maybe that’s the issue.)

As for the scrub aspect, I roll with Akihiko and I must say that it was frustrating LARGELY getting randomed out for a good while, but I’ve begun to realize more of what Akihiko could do, that I was not even using or poorly making use of. And there’s still some things I need to get better at. I just got out of the training room and worked hard on hit-confirming some setups, so hopefully I won’t be getting randomed out as much anymore and begin to learn how each situation works with every character with this guy.

Either way it goes, I’ve come to realize most of the randoming out can be thoroughly punished, if you know how to use the character. So once a scrub realizes that their stuff doesn’t work anymore, they’ll have to wake up and get better.


Well if you can’t read them…the red icon is 0, purple is 1, orange is 2, green is 3, white is 4


Im still in my impressions stage, the game is fun…but I feel Im going to get bored with it eventually and stop playing


I think we’re in the “gimmicks galore” stage of the game… last night I played against a B ranked Kanji who just kept diving over and over, despite me crouching every time and punish. He was dumbfounded and didn’t know what else to do lol.

Once we know the characters and the counters and how to punish optimally, it’s going to get better. Watching the Japanese ranbats gives me hope.


I don’t have the game yet but I just wanted to say that games are always like this in the beginning. I remember my 80-90%+ win rates the first months of sfxt, sf4, mvc3 playing really simple on my part. Player base has to level up and you can’t blame the game for that. A lot of ppl just play the game and don’t care about reading forums or watching vids to get better because they don’t need to in order to enjoy it yet. It’s when ppl get trashed online they start evaluating their game and try to lvl up…or just quit playing.


So, that’s the only ArcSys game I properly own (the other one being borrowed from a friend). And I’m liking it. Honestly, I tried BlazBlue and I got what he meant by it being to fighting games what Disgaea is to strategy games. Yet I didn’t have that feel with Persona 4 Arena.

I mean, come on, name a game in which it got actual beginner-friendly features yet keeps near-perfect balance.

Anyway, back on track. I feel like that’s the best fighting game I ever had. Sure, it doesn’t have custom OSTs (I mean, I would’ve liked to play some Guilty Gear OST when playing as Yu with his Ky Kiske palette), but I can work around that. And I hope there will be a Vita release.