Personal favorite costumes / costumes you wish were included?

I’d have to say, Gouken’s Super alt, Seth and Dictator’s Ultra alts are my favorites. (I don’t actually own any yet).
I don’t actually use Seth, but if I had that costume, I would seriously use him all the time. It’s the one with the freaky tubes, he looks like some crazy corruption of the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.

As for costumes I wish were included, I just wish Cody had something other than that thuggish wife beater costume and his orange prison jumpsuit. Something out of character for him would be cool.

Whaa~? Cody’s jumpsuit is awesome (color 10 especially; black clothes, white hair). It was the only reason I actually tried him out and realized how awesome he is to play.

…nah, I know everything is subjective.

But come to think of it, every character has at least one good alt costume. I wanted to list them at first, but then I realized it’d be close to a 30-39 character listing anyway. On the other hand, some choices are downright retarded (Neon-Blanka?).

I like gens shirtless alt 2, especially with the bright pink pants fuck yeah.

T.Hawks Alt 1 (red warpaint, makes him not look like a balloon animal)
Gen Alt 1 (changing mask)
Adon Alt 2 (super detailed thai mask one, its fantastic)
Seths Alt 3 (He should have been designed this way from the start, seriously)
Fei Long Alt 2 (Kato costume is fantastic even without a hat)

They would be my pick if I had to pick a top 5.
Others like Fei Longs Alts are perfect, every Alt for Fei is awesome. Guiles Alts fit his character too. I do really like Guys Alt 1, but I hate the colour selection :frowning: although pink is pretty badass. Some of the Alts are just plain ugly/bad. Ryu and Ken especially have terrible ones imo.

My wish list:

Guy as close to Strider as possible while kleeping him Guy.
Makoto with bandages/tanktop upper.
A shaven/greased hair Guile could be awesome.
A Ken and Ryu costume that actually dosent look so damn stupid.

Cowboy ken and El Fuerte Aztec… My 2 fav…

A lot of people have some pretty sweet ones…
Wish it was like Tekken and you could mix/match stuff…

I wish the SFIV series had more “crossover” costumes. MvC3 has characters using costumes similar to other characters within the same universe. I’d want to see Viper in a Captain Commando type outfit, Seth with a Gil outfit, and Ryu with a Megaman costume…just because.

Seriously awesome. Actually all this guys stuff is awesome. pretty much every alt he designs is as good if not better than the ones released.

Cody’s outfit is supposed to be his Final Fight costume/ generic 80’s/ 90’s dude, but his gorilla arms make it look strange. The “realistic” prison jumpsuit is nice.
Guy’s other ninja costume, with the headband.
Gouken’s hat alt.
Fei Long’s suit.

I wish Dudley had a tuxedo for one of his alts.

this. is. fucking. gay… i mean awesome… a little gay, but what guy in tights isnt a little gay? especially with all that oil.

i would pay 5 dollars for this outfit lol

I did a thread about this not too long ago (probably only on the 2nd page of the forums.)

Anyways I want Makoto as Jin from MvC/Cyberbots
C Viper as Captain Commando (probably the most obvious of all cross over styled costumes next to Zangief as Haggar.)
And classic Final Fight era Cody (not the tattoo’d no sleeve wife beater ect ect version that is in the game already.)

Also the blog post has Rose as Shantae which would be def at the top of my list if it wasn’t for the fact Shantae isn’t owned by Capcom (they published it but I think WayForward still owns the rights to the character.)

Cyber Akuma as an alt for Gouki. nuffsed