Personal Fightstick Art contest

:wow:Looking to make a 100USD for being pretty good at art?:wow:

I’m looking to change my fight stick plate and need some nice artwork to swap it out with.

Looking for a Ken, Sakura, Ryu, Akuma, Gouken one(Must have Ken and/or Sakura). Juli, Sakura, Rose one. Ken and Ryu or Ken only. Juri, Ibuki, Makoto one. Anyone else will be at disadvantage for the contest.

I prefer orginal artwork, but using stock photos can work if they’re exceptionally done. Keep it pg-13 also.

Any artwok that needs nob/button swaps please explain what needs to be done and how you would like the art transfered to the fightstick plate.

Excepting art work until at least 5/1/10 or 1.5.10 for non Americans.

email@: you can post your artwork plates here any disputes on ownership will be disallowed even if it’s the best work.

This is legit and not spam I know a lot you guys do this for free, but it’s fun to win stuff, plus a prize might make it worth a 100USD in the end anyway.

Three questions:

1.) By “fightstick” do you mean the Madcatz SE? Being specific will help people format artwork correctly to submit to you.

2.) Your “looking for…” paragraph is kinda confusing. Are you looking for four separate designs total, with each one featuring those characters? And besides the characters, is the subject/situation they are presented in free-game?

3.) Are signatures allowed on original (non-stock/copyrighted) artwork?

Other than those questions, I’m pretty interested in this. :V

Sorry I though it saved my Edit it didn’t.

1: The Madcatz fight stick is the SF4 Tournament Edition not the Standard Edition.

2: The looking… for is character combos on the design/plate i was looking for. I’m not looking for 4 seperate plates/designs to give away a 100 dollars for. Only one plate will win.

3: Yes you may sign only original artwork and reuse the artwork for any professional/scholastic service you need.


this really just sounds like “ill buy art from you for 100$”

perhaps trying this in the media section will help.