Personal opinions on an arcade stick?

Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten into playing MvC and have been playing with a PS3 controller for awhile now but I think it’ll be easier if I invested in an arcade stick. I’ve read the stickied thread about sticks and just wanted some personal opinions on arcade sticks now. I’d prefer to get a brand new stick for around $150.00, but I’d be willing to pay some more for a higher quality stick. Nothing around $200.00 though.

All in all, I just wanted your personal opinions on arcade sticks? Which should I buy?

It doesn’t really matter what you choose to play with as long as you’re comfortable. Cause If you buy a stick you’re going to have to learn how to use it anyway. But if you want a decent one youre going to either have to pay at least 150 or buy a cheap one and mod it with good parts cause cheaps ones break and are generally ass.

get a qanba. Any serious player needs to be ready to play on either console and although tracking down a dual modder or doing it yourself isn’t particularly difficult considering all the shit you’ll have to go through to get really good at fighting games, why add another complication imo.

I agree. I’m a disgustingly awful noob so my opinion might not mean too much but I bought a Qanba earlier this year and it’s fantastic. I haven’t tried the dual-mod aspect of it yet but it works great on my PS3 so far.

Only problem with Qanba is that it lags slightly more than a Cthulu.

Whatever you do, don’t get a cheap ass SE or something. Any TE will last, I still use a round 1 that I got used and I haven’t replaced anything. Remember, you can replace the buttons and stick easily, but the case itself is the biggest pain to replace, along with the circuit board. A TE is also very easy to replace parts for. For this reason, buying used is a fine choice if you can get a good deal. I paid $90 for mine.

If you’re interested in older games, get a Kitty mod. I play PS2 Guilty Gear on my Kitty mod TE. This will add cost, but you could totally end up under $200 if you buy used.

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