Personal Preference for Fightsticks

I was just wondering what the general preference is for people who use and have been using a fightstick. I am fairly new and am going to be picking up a stick with the release of SFV and I noticed that Mad Catz is releasing the TE2 and the TE S with the touchpad for PS4. The obvious difference is the size and secondly the ease of access to modding the TE2. My question to the veteran fightstick users is as a new fightstick user what were your fightstick challenges as far as adjusting? It seems that tournament attending players vary but I do seem to see more smaller sticks as opposed to the larger TE sticks but that isn’t by a large margin. I have used the TE2 Chun-Li verison and I based my opinion of the weight and size off of my inexperience and need to adjust. Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated!

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Both sticks use the same layout same stick lever and same buttons so adjusting to the size is really a non issue, it’s about comfort, some like big sticks some like small some like heavy some like light, some play on the floor, their lap, a desk etc.

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