Personal project WIP

I plan to customize my DC Agetec stick in the near future and decided to put my own artwork.

Here are the WIPs:

This Kazuya Mishima from T5 DR as how he looks with custom items I chose. He has a yellow and blue color scheme. The items are Face Scars, Windswept hair, and wild pants. He also has Snake Tattoo, but I can’t find any good screens of it.

This will be inked by hand and color in photoshop.

When this is done I plan to show it here. The point is that I recently graduated and while looking for a job, I though I could do some freelance here and there and one choice is to do arcade stick art. I’m still debating.

C&C welcome.

in general, i think just add more curves/lines of action to give a more natural looking body and improve flow. like in his back and legs… i also think that his feet bottoms are a bit round for the weight & power that’s loaded onto them. also a line of his rear hand is making a tangent with his face. i think it would communicate better if you pulled it away from his face so we have a better sillouette.

i like your line quality and detailed drawing. great pose…very powerful and definitely kazuya-like.

great work!

Something about his right arm looks a little weird to me, but other than that, I think it’s good.

Very stiff, alot of the major lines look straight. But I like the angle you went for and the character design is awesome. I like!

watch your line of action. the posture and general flow of the composition is extremely stiff and boring!
even for a battle stance, that is a robotic posture.