Personal thoughts on Guys matchup ratio's

Here is a ratio list that I’ve compiled showing what I believe to be all of Guys matchups and their respective ratio. I will be using a decimal system instead of whole numbers for greater accuracy. Remember, these are MY opinions.

Abel - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Adon - 6.0 / 4.0 (Guys favor)
Akuma - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Balrog - 5.75 / 4.25 (Balrog’s favor)
Blanka - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
C.Viper - 6.0 / 4.0 (Guy’s favor)
Cammy - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Chun Li - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Cody - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Dan - 6.0 / 4.0 (Guys favor)
Dee Jay - 5.5 / 4.5 (Dee Jay’s favor)
Dhalsim - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Dudley - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
E.Honda - 6.0 / 4.0 (E.Honda’s favor)
El Fuerte - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Fei Long - 5.5 / 4.5 (Fei Long’s favor)
Gen - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Gouken - 6.0 / 4.0 (Guy’s favor)
Guile - 5.5 / 4.5 (Guy’s favor)
Guy (Mirror) - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Hakan - 6.75 / 3.25 (Guy’s favor)
Ibuki - 5.5 / 4.5 (Guy’s favor)
Juri - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Ken - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
M. Bison - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Makoto - 6.75 / 3.25 (Guy’s favor)
Rose - 5.5 / 4.5 (Rose’s favor)
Rufus - 5.25 / 4.75 (Rufus’ favor)
Ryu - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Sagat - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
Sakura - 6.5 / 3.5 (Guy’s favor)
Seth - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)
T.Hawk - 5.5 / 4.5 (Guy’s favor)
Vega - 5.5 / 4.5 (Guy’s favor)
Zangief - 5.0 / 5.0 (Even)

Streak, if you would like to copy paste this to the first page of the matchup thread for people to have a quick referance from the perspective of a Guy player, I give you full permission. You dont have to, if many people dont agree with my opinions thats fine, but if enough people like the idea, then by all means make it a spoiler on the first page.

If anyone has any questions as to why i gave a particular score, just ask and ill be happy to reply.

Comments appreciated

why is the dudley matchup even? from my experience(and i have a lot of dudley experience… i’m more familiar with this than any other matchup)… guy gives dudley problems. you can anti air him without burning meter for a free knockdown with cr. forward. you can sweep him on reaction to dudley’s only good poke(st. fierce) as well as cr. strong xx ex shoulder/run slide on reaction. i mean… you know he’s gonna throw those damn st. fierce’s out there. bait those and that’s free damage and knockdown. take that away and dudley has to find a way to get in.

the only thing that gives me problems when i fight dudley is his 3 frame jab. but dudley’s tend to not whore it out like rog’s do. in my opinion… guy dudley is 5.75-4.25 or even 6-4.

also i think the rufus matchup should be even being that guy can eliminate divekick pressure outside of excluding wakeup divekick pressure. any reason why you had it in rufus’ favor?

re: Dudley:

dudley can anti air every one of your jump ins CLEAN with his and it sets up for a free juggle. he can also anti air you with,, or cr.hp, clean (at WORST trade in his favor). both characters need to get in close to do damage and sadly, dudley has better pokes. I have quite a lot of matchup experience with dudley as well, i play against a good dudley nearly every day. he can interrupt your strings just as well as rog with his cr.lp as well.

re: Rufus:
its just a matter of time before rufus gets a knockdown and once he does, Guy cant really do anything about it other than take his harassment. if rufus is using U1, you have to stop going to the air as his will beat out all of our aerials and give him a free ultra. If hes using U2, once he gets it stocked we can no longer use run at all. he can U2 to run on reaction and it will suck you in from full screen. EX Messiah is easy to bait for the most part, but he can make it safe with fadc backwards so it doesnt hurt his game. and if he does connect EX messiah, its free fadc snake strike / U1. his cr.hp will stop all run attempts clean, and his stuffs elbow for free. that being said, if the rufus doesnt know how guy works very well, it can easily go in Guys favor. i mainly gave rufus a very slight advantage because both of his ultra selections prove a HUGE threat to Guy, compared to Guys use of Ultra on Rufus.

yea i understand dudley can anti air guy… but if you space d+elbow right… it beats his st. forward… i’ve done it plenty of times(on a side note you can do the same to cody’s b+strong). not to mention you can bait st. fierce’s with bushin flip elbows if you hit punch for the elbow right outside of his st. fierce range… that’s a guaranteed sweep. i don’t think dudley has better pokes… all he has that’s a real threat is st. fierce and you can shut that down easily by spacing a cr. strong xx ex shoulder to push him to the corner. if you force dudley to play a patient game it’s in guy’s favor. just don’t jump in on him… get your knockdowns by baiting his st. fierce then get in and wreck shop… he doesn’t have a good enough reversal to do anything about it.

i see what you’re saying about rufus… but i would never out right run up on some one to get in. sure he can U2 on reaction to run… but to run stop… highly doubtful. about being in the air… yea… rufus j. rh destroys guy’s air normals… which sucks haha. but yea i see why you put it in rufus’ favor with all of that… but i still think dudley’s is in guy’s favor as long as you’re willing to play patient against him.

everyones entitled their own opinion lol and believe me im noting what you are saying about dudley. its not just going in one ear and out the other, im absorbing it lol. as for now though, is still believe guy v dudley is even. maybe my mind will change in the future. other than that, anything you want to point out or have a question about ?

umm yea … as for deejay… how do you feel about fighting him? going under his projectile is weird with shoulder. i feel like it has a lot of horizontal space so guy can’t go under it as easily as ryu’s or rose’s. not to mention he can recover fast enough that it wont’ connect unless you anticipate it and do shoulder really early. fighting a turtling deejay is weird to me. i mean once you get in he’s kind of out of options… but finding a way to get in is weird… if you go over his fireballs with d+elbow and you’re too far out… he can slide you for free. one thing i’ve been doing against deejay though is if i have an ex stock… i’ll jump in on deejay… and if they try to air to air j. rh you… i’ll ex izuna. works pretty well considering a lot of deejays like to air to air you when you jump over their fireballs.

dudley’s beats elbow…drops him under the hitbox, launches him, and allows for a FREE dash upper juggle…lol
plus his cr.hp beats the elbow clean…not to mention his st.hp beats it if spaced properly…i agree its an even matchup…when guy gets in a groove u cant stop him…but when dudley is on a roll, forget about it

not to mention he can use his EX cross counter on wake up for Guys mixup game and setup for a free U2 juggle


yea but all of that’s only if you jump in on him, the only time i ever jump in on dudley… or even anybody is after a knockdown so i can cross them up or safe jump then. i never flatout jump in on some one. if you stay grounded and play some footsies to bait that st. fierce the match is yours. unfortunately a lot of people don’t like to play that patient. i’m part japanese… patience is in my blood hahaha. and can’t you hit dudley’s ex counter with a low? or is it like gouken’s where the ex version counters highs and lows? i know you can hit the regular versions with a low… haven’t tested it on the ex version.

oh and i’ve very VERY rarely ever had d+elbow beaten by dudley’s st. fierce. i’ve made my friend seriously angry because of how many times i’ve beaten his st. fierce with d+elbow. command elbow wins out against that like 95% of the time.

u have to hit it high…best used for the cross up/elbow game

personally i feel like Dee Jay is a better Guile. His fireball is very similar, he can vortex pretty well, and his anti airs are flat out better. i would say approach it as you would with Guile, but LK upkick beats out all of Guys jump ins clean, including non ex izuna. crossups dont work reliably either because lk upkick auto correct EXTREMELY well. run/stop is viable, but im fairly certain he has a 3 frame jab (might be 4 frame). working overheads into your block strings is a good way to get him to stop down backing (and save your ass from eating an upkick), just dont get TOO liberal with them, as he will learn to counterhit you. once he is conditioned to overheads you can start mixing up with’s etc. make sure to tick grab him often to keep him on his toes. once hes crouch teching, maybe suprise him with a lk tatsu. the one thing you dont want to do vs deejay is go to the air when hes downbacking. focus attacking it also a no-no vs deejay. his lk sobat breaks armor and good dee jays WILL work it into their game. ive played ryry’s deejay a couple of times and he does it often. when deejay is pressuring you, you have absolutely no reason to ever block high. he has no overhead. the only thing you should be wary of is his ambiguous crossup. i suggest going into training with deejay and learning the spacing yourself. its a very crucial tool to his vortex and if you can shut it down, you can shut him down. lastly, dont do anything thats unsafe on block. he has a 5 frame sweep (which is hella fast) and will use it to start his vortex any chance he can get. stay on the ground in this fight. your pokes will beat out his (which neither character should really be poking, but oh well ). it has to be played very patiently. i really see dee jay as a big threat honestly. its just a matter of someone picking him up, being innovative, and dedicating the time to him.

hope its helped

yea i’ve got no problems seeing the ambiguous crossups on deejay… i’m good there. i’ll block those all day. fighting a deejay that’s playing lame is just… weird. and yes… that autocorrect upkick is ridiculous. it autocorrects like 1,000% of the time. on a side note what are people doing in the guy threads on a friday? haha the threads are usually dead on friday’s.

Idk I think Guy has the advantage over Gief, Gief REALLY can’t do much if Guy has meter or U2 stocked. Because EX bushin destroys the entire usage of his SPD, unless green hand is in a blockstring which many giefs use EX Hand to get in or to surprise you Mk tatsu destroys that game if you react fast enough and unless he has Meter to FADC backwards Gief is looking at Bushin Muso Renge up close and personal. I honestly think the matchup is 6.0 or 5.5 at the very best.

summer is ending madma3stro, that’s why lol

im always on most the day everyday lol

I dont agree with Guy and Ryu being 5-5 I say 6-4 Ryu

in the long run, Guy will lose to Ryu. and being unable to apply reliable pressure on wake up kills guy. Guy is still prone to zoning, floaty jump shoulder unsafe and really tough to hit on reaction.

ryu out footsies and destroys his safe jumps and most of his shenanigans.

uphill battle imo

Actually, Guy can tag cr. mk with his cr mk and st mk, and Safejump isn’t possible for Guy but EX Izuna can mindfuck any Ryu player that goes for DP if you have the timing correct which then conditions Ryu to not go for DP which, I would never say its 6-4 for Ryu cause really Ryu doesn’t beat him out that badly its pretty even and I play Ryu players A LOT, Run/stop is a great thing against Ryu as well.

Actually, Guy can tag cr. mk with his cr mk and st mk, and Safejump isn’t possible for Guy but EX Izuna can mindfuck any Ryu player that goes for DP if you have the timing correct which then conditions Ryu to not go for DP which, I would never say its 6-4 for Ryu cause really Ryu doesn’t beat him out that badly its pretty even and I play Ryu players A LOT, Run/stop is a great thing against Ryu as well.

its not just the footsies mk beats his jump even if I use it as a bait.
it feels ryu is better up close and a little better mid range. run stop does not put you on +frames and is tough to apply once hes seen it a few times.

I dont know I just think its hard to apply pressure on Ryu once hes seen your tricks.
but Ryu forces you into a position with his zoning. Ryu also has better block strings and crouch tech baits. Guy really sucks under pressure even with the ex BSK. hes safejumpable, crossup tatsus messes his U2.

@ Heat

Ryu’s zoning with fireballs is actually quite easy to get past…EX Run, EX Bushin, walljump command elbow for the jump in feint to bait out a DP or cr.hp. against ryu you shouldnt be dropping elbows on him. the match vs ryu is all about baiting him and punishing, not applying pressure. his DP is too much of an overpowering force if youre trying to apply pressure. is will beat out all jump ins (except ex izuna) and can stop your pressure cold if you mess up a link. it ALL about baiting and punishing his stuff. btw, his most used block string ( xx hado) isnt a legit block string from his max range (which is where 99% of ryus do this from), you can reversal the hado with either mk tatsu or EX bushin flip FO FREE. ryu aint that bad honestly.

99% of ryus that do that as a go to block string are bad. whats worse is if Ryu baits you with that.

its really hard to bait ryu because of his jump in elbow bait loses to Guy’s jump is so floaty thats its easy to react to a

its hard to build meter without applying pressure. yes it is true that he does have ways around fireballs. but they appear very slow.

I’m not saying its unwinnable im just saying Ryu has the advantage in this matchup.

also im not familiar with izuna beating dps.

p.s I hate autocorrect dps the most.