Personal Video Recorders (Easy cap, Hauppauge, ETC)

Forgive me if this is the wrong place:

I currently own a “easycap” recorder and it absolutely sucks.

It lags all the time, to the point where the video is basically unwatchable and the quality is sub par (at best)

I wonder if there are certain settings that it needs to be set to? I checked on youtube but no solution.

If anyone could point out what I might be doing wrong that would be great

Also for those who have the Hauppauge- Is it worth the 200+ price tag? I would shell out the cash if it was much more reliable

Thanks in advance to those who help

Hey g18 if you want hd footage Happauge is the only way to go without losing too much money, I’ve had one since there first run and its still working great. Just one question is the original raw footage good or is it just when you post on youtube.

Hey thanks for your response!

I am seriously considering the hauppauge

But the raw footage (avi) is good, it still lags like crazy though (every 3 seconds or so) and the file sizes are huge

I haven’t posted to youtube yet… I want a nice setup and all the hardware right before I do.