Personal videos from EVO (No match footage!)

I know I wasn’t the only one running around EVO taking footage of everything I saw, so let’s share some clips! I knew this was going to be a very special year, so I made sure to whip out the iPhone anytime something funny/interesting/hype was about to go down so I could relive it later. But please, don’t post straight-up match footage … It’s against the rules, after all :china:

[media=youtube]GQ_ClKJAT2Q[/media] - Chatting with Capcoms Chris Kramer as Seth Killian plays his first match of EVO09.

[media=youtube]eDw_EKrdfPU[/media] - Ninja goes crazy after waiting 4 hours for his next tourney match.

[media=youtube]AGhaVK-RidE[/media] - I love Dagger G’s work but man, thems a lot of Sonic Booms!

[media=youtube]XbpDQUNHSjg[/media] - I ordered it the next night. Now I know why he was freaked out.

[media=youtube]rq67oSvsjqI[/media] - Tiny asian girl spits huge amount of fire. Wowzers.

[media=youtube]wOT9LNSqNnE[/media] From the early semis. I think this was the first EVO-sized pop all weekend.

[media=youtube]UwOAORojEnI[/media] - The floodgates of the 5on5 opened. Madness!

[media=youtube]7Kgg-hHjBFE[/media] - A pep talk for NorCal. We’ll be stronger next year, for sure :smokin:

[media=youtube]ZTDaWNGiKFU[/media] - Let’s face it, we’ve ALL been in this situation!

[media=youtube]_LWo4vPIXAY[/media] - This was uploaded on the spot. Daigo sending Justin to the losers bracket.

[media=youtube]MbCoPI4HoLs[/media] - Justin evens it up and gets hype … Daigo sits patiently. Totally nuts.

[media=youtube]1o5a3nvIL4s[/media] - This is what it was like being on the main stage for the finale.

Now I hope I’m not the only one who has clips to share :rofl: It was such a good year that I couldn’t help myself.

cool list i’ll check em out!

Sick list, +repped. Hoping for more.

wow thanks i really appreciate the vids seriously, very entertaining

Street Fighter IV Intro Montage from the Evo floor!

[media=youtube]3dGmJR4oUfo"[/media] while Rom makes fun of the way everyone else runs…? wtf?

Oh wow. This is too good :rofl:

I was tired dammit!

There is more randomness being uploaded as I type ^-^ i will post them here.

Suuure baby boo, no worries, we all still love you.

Haha, Ono on relationships :rofl:
You should link that video in the street fighter/girlfriends thread.

Very nice list, thanks for a tiny look into what it was like being there!

Aww nobody liked the SF4 intro? :3 Whomever did those montages did a sweet job. Was it someone from the SRK?

common there has to be more vids than this…

I don’t think I can put any vids up since most of mine is all match footage that I need to edit down.

Great shit!

I love the first few seconds because it’s so true.

“You can get owned by people who fucking sucks because of matchups”

This guy reminds me of socal’s Strider Hiryu aka Nam for some reason.

Ryan heart is boss.

ahaha great list. This is the kinda shit I wanted to record at EVO but I ended up just recording matches then realizing I wasn’t gonna even upload em. NEXT YEAR!
But yeah man great footage. totally bookmarking this thread.

Man this evo was heart breaking for me QQ. At least it was like the dopest one I’ve ever been to.

Holy shit. Thanks for this thread.

Why can’t more 09’ers be like Mr Jared?