Personality and fighting games

Hi everyone i want to know that when you are playing a fighting game how does your personality in real life affect the way you fight with your main character ?

You first…

I`m gay and only play the main characters in fighting games (Ryu, Sol Badguy, Scorpion) except in Tekken where I play Paul because I’m also broke all the time, listen to metal and got a ridiculous haircut.

I pick manly bros and play in the cheapest easiest-path-to-victory way I can

There are aspects that I like about some fighting games and even the characters.
The factors I consider when playing a character is based on tournament viability and if the character allows me to implement a particularly strong neutral game. The third factor deals with how aesthetically pleasing they are if the character happens to be a female.

I only play characters with the personality of my favorite Anime body pillow, so I can feel like I’m inhabiting my favorite Anime body pillow.

I use girl characters with big asses because i’m an ass man. If they also got big titties that’s great, but dat ass is priority. Because if they ain’t got dat ass, then obviously they suck. Look at Chun-Li. She got dat ass, and she’s one of the best characters in Street Fighter third strike. In Street Fighter 4 she lost some of dat ass, and was bottom tier. I rest my case. I make an exception for BB Hood though

i only play waifu’s with real life figurines so i can…enhance the experiance lol.

also to add to this i lift weights and will probably try a cycle of steroids at least once in my life

I like to slowly analyze situations but reward myself when I get what I want so I love grapplers like (Zangief and Shermie) but I can use non grapplers like Terry Bogard. I like heroic, cheery and cocky characters.

Ramlethal doesn’t fit these categories but I like her because she’s so different. I’m also a massive tier whore in KOF and SF.

For some reason I gravitate towards pretty boy characters (Vega, Remy, Benimaru), or straight up creeps (Yoshimitsu, Voldo. Additionally FANG has piqued my interest). Perhaps this is a matter of concern…

lol at the two guys before me who are actually giving serious answers.

I don’t like people and usually want them to stay the fuck away. I often pick zoning characters, which is obviously for related reasons.


Since we have two cats, I pick only catgirls


I like classy-yet-uncommon things and like to customize IRL so…

  1. Is the character less commonly used?
    if yes:
  2. Does the character look/act cool or novel?
    if yes:
  3. Does the character have unorthodox moves but not a total joke?
    if yes:
    That’s who I be. Yoshimitsu and R.Mika (tentative) (almost forgot I like T&A)

lol At the guy who has a problem with others giving answers in the first place.

Looks like some Jimmies got rustled by my comment.

Unless you want to be confused for a homosexual, you may want to drop the habit of worrying about “jimmies.”