"...personally i think all online is shit. not just ranked. Ranked is just the lowest tier of shit."

Good day Sirs and Ladys!

Since in this forum everyone is entitled to open stupid topics, I thought it would be nice for a change to read nothing about quitting Vega or getting kicked online and losing points or being on a 3 game losing streak just because the character is so bad. Instead this topic is just about me and my Vega which reached Rank A just recently.
So “um mir einmal selbst kräftig die Eier zu schaukeln” I thought it would be nice to give a resume of my stats:

Bought this one on PC release day and since then no offline play whatsoever (neither arcade nor versus). No trials and just a little training room. So the time is almost entirely spent online and there almost entirely on ranked. Joining lobbies and creating ones where split roundabout 60/40 I would say.

Total Play Time: 128h
Battle points 15005
Rank A
Next Rank: 4995

Number of ranked fights: 1588 (Total: 1771)
Wins: 1278
Win Rate: 80.48%
Normal Wins 2243
Ultra Wins: 261
Super Wins: 123
Cheap Wins: 93
Time Over: 5 (3 of them forced with 30 sec for the “bitter victor” title)
Longest win streak: 37

Character Win Rate:

Dan 100 (I like that mu, because I don’t take it for a granted win and play more careful than usual)
Adon 97.22 (should be lower I think, few good Adons out here)
Cody 93,02
Juri: 92,16 (same as Adon)
Chun Li 91.67 (same as Adon)
El Fuerte 91.67
Vega 90.07
Seth 89.74
Oni 89.47
Ken 89.06
Ibuki 88.24
Yang 88.24 (I found myself always happy when I met one, because almost none of the Yang players could use him properly)
Sagat 86.79
Cammy 86.67
Yun 85.96 (just one Yun how was decent, but to him I lost and lost with no chance ever)
Hakan 85.71
Gen 85
Sakura 84
Rose 84
Makoto 83.87
Evil Ryu 82.98
Ryu 82.17
Rufus 81.82
T. Hawk 81.82
Fei Long 81.48
Dudley 80.77
Zangief 77.78
Balrog 75.61
Gouken 75.61
C. Viper 73.53
Abel 72.41

The bottom ten are the usual Vega suspects, except Guy, I don’t think I should have so much trouble against him and yet I do.

C. Viper 73.53
Abel 72.41
Guile 72
Dee Jay 72
Blanka 71.05
Akuma 70.59
Bison 65.65
Guy 64.71 (some killer guys out there on gfwl)
Honda 55.56 (as expected, even in AE it is still a shit matchup)
Dhalsim 53.85 (every Dhalsim i met knew what he was doing, must come with the character)

What have we learnt? Not much I would say, except that competition on PC is lower than on PSN and I will now play more endless and less ranked. Points matter to those who give a crap, but seeing a player who can’t keep his win rate high enough for his rank just ashames me and so I will not take part in that (being a Rank A Player with 14XXX or less BP).

So that was my post. It belongs to me since I created it and so it is mine. Except the title which is a Vegaman quote. I am happy now :slight_smile:

i was about to say… That looked mighty familiar (then was gonna quote my post) :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: i’ve been under B rank for like the last month or so. Like B rank but with 4800 points. One day i’ll take a sigh and delve into the cesspool of shit that ranked is to get my points back…

New quote FTW!

Also, Am I the only one that has constantly over a 95% win ratio against Ken?
he was 96% in vanilla, 95% in super, and 97% in AE.He’s always my highest (i dont count 100%s because that just means you havnt played enough of that character… even if you’ve played 100 matches)

Maybe because you fight a lot of Ken scrubs lol

I just beat a scrub Ken and then he messaged me with “Learn some moves”. I’m thinkin… Okay buddy, after the 5th jump in that was knocked back by a st.hk you may wanna tell yourself the same thing.

lol PC. Hättest dir grad sparen können :'D

Yeah I know, I was thrilled how easy it was… The Super road on PSN to Rank A was a lot more stony. And AE PSN I dropped the moment AE PC came out.
I think I will get AE Vega to A as well but playing on a Laptop is just so much more convenient.

btw: I’ve seen your tag here being mentioned as one of the more decent Vegas out there, and so I’m happy that apparently you are a kraut as well :slight_smile:

And now for something completely related:

Total Play Time: 290h
Battle points 20015
Rank A+
Next Rank: 9985

Number of ranked fights: 3577 (Total: 4079)
Wins: 3009
Win Rate: 84.12%
Normal Wins: 5374
Ultra Wins: 569
Super Wins: 216
Cheap Wins: 179
Time Over Wins: 8
Longest win streak: 48

I skip the character percentage this time, not much changed there except that I don’t have so much problems with guy any more.
Instead to contribute a small amount of usefull Information for a change, here are the BP Points received for winning against the different fighting classes. The A and A+ BP are for certain, B+ on the other hand is long ago. I will edit these numbers once I play with my PS3 account again.

As a B+ Rank you gain by winning against
a D or D+ player: 1 BP
a C player: 5 BP
a C+ player: 15 BP
a B player: 25 BP
a B+ player: 35 BP
a A Player: 45 BP
a A+ Player ? BP

As an A Rank you gain(lose) by winning (losing) against
a D or D+ or C player: 1 BP (10 BP; 10 BP; 20 BP)
a C+ player: 5 BP (35 BP)
a B player 15 BP (45 BP)
a B+ player: 20 BP (40 BP)
a A Player: 35 BP (35 BP)
a A+ Player ? BP (? BP)

As an A+ Rank you gain by winning against
a D or D+ or C or C+ player: 1 BP
a B player: 5 BP
a B+ player: 15 BP
a A Player: 20 BP
a A+ Player ? BP, though 35 BP seems likely

Furthermore, these numbers only apply if the player is in the default range for their ranking ( 10XXX BP/15XXXBP/20XXXBP).
For every started 1000 BP above the default range you will gain one additional BP for the win (f.e: win against a 7345 BP B ranking player with your 15233 BP A rank character and you receive 17 BP)
However you will lose that one additional BP if you are yourself 1000 BP over your default line (winning against that 7345 BP player with your 16899 BP character only grants you 16 BP)
The numbers in the list are the minimum of gained BP. You won’t get fewer Points for wining against someone with that respective rank (win against a 2501 BP B rank player with your 19999 BP A rank character you will receive 15 BP and he will be a C+ player)
The same 1000 BP rule applies for losing points. Here the numbers in brackets are the maximum BP you will lose against the respective rank. (losing against a 9500 BP B rank player with your 15000 BP A rank character would cost you 41 BP instead of 45 BP default; losing to that same character with your 16000 BP A Rank character would cost you 42 BP)

I wish I could give this forum a 100% save way to beat Yun dive kick spam or a fool proof way to open up turtle Hondas, but instead I give you this. I fear that regarding usefull play technics this is not much help but at least I did not wrote a wall of text demanding i-frames on every move or a 60 frames tech window. :wink:
Oh, did I mention that points don’t mean shit? I may have but this must have been sometime before somewhere above…

just fyi but you get more points for not losing a round than if you lose a round on a winning match.

you also dont lose as many points if you win a round on a lost match

Point still mean nothing. Trollface

Seriously absolutely nout will change that. I’ll reel off my stats when I go home on Friday. 90% of it probably encompasses Ryu, since that’s all Europe seem to know how to play.

Or as I say when I play Endless when someone does the Ryu, Ken, Gouki, E.Ryu combo;
Start with Ryu: My other main is a shoto (Ken) and when I’m not maining a shoto, I’m maining a shoto (Gouki) and when I’m not maining another shoto I’m maining an Angsty shoto (E.Ryu).

This is usually Online in a nutshell, but I find the whole Ryu Ryu Ryu Ken Ken occurs more in ranked and 90% of the time it’s lolDP in links.
I should seriously record an entire two hours of ranked just to show you the amazing diversity we have here (Read it with sarcasm).

Meh… I haven’t played AE for about 3 and a half weeks now. Tired of all the bullshit.


Good post though… I never really understood how these points were distributed.

yeah… you’d think that people would learn to stop mashing dp after i poke but nooooooooooo

then I’m the stupid one for trying to frame trap thinking they’d learn.

i will never commit such atrocities

Hey, who spent 1 1/2 weeks almost entirely in ranked mode and counted every one of those those precious precious points? Source, source now! Else I would dare to say you are wrong, sir!

I know. All I wanted was this perfectly painted A+ before my stats, so now every time I go into an Endless Lobby it is even more embarrassing when I get bodied by a 0 BP player. :wink:

This is half the reason I have 0BP/0PP on my main PSN account (The one I played ranked on was an experiment and an account I havent used in about two years laughs). Unfortunately I’m still stuck with 0BP/91PP (Thanks to my other half, the points are with Dudley. Grr). Seeing the 91 bugs me. UNEVEN NUMBERS AURGH!
I’ve been called out a lot on it. Some in a really bad way of “Lol no points, what a scrub.” and “Holy shit. You’re this good and no points?” It can go either way. I’m not bothered by it but grargh uneven numbers bother me, not just in games either.

And I don’t like getting into the habit of not attempting to punish something punishable incase it lagspikes. I get these lagspikes more in ranked because when it comes to Endless, if they lag, I kick them until I find someone who doesn’t and I play them for a while if they’re actually giving me practice. If I’m perfecting them left right and center, I’m not learning and neither are they, so I’m better off finding someone else.

Eh, I’m not too bothered though, I have a pretty big offline community to practice with so online is more of just something to do in the evening when I’m bored shitless after a few hours of training mode and don’t have much else to do.

i just looked and i have a 12.5% win rate against viper and a 8.33% rate against Abel. I don’t think i’ve fought against an abel who wasn’t better than me

source: SSF4: AE

i read shirtless

No comfier way to play.

I find the Viper matchup oddly fun. I don’t know what it is about her, I just enjoy it. Don’t find many of them online though, or even offline to be fair.

i find it fun till i get KD… then it aint fun. up until that point though, dealing with both air and ground spacing is really awesome it’s really a 2 dimensional game

I have to disagree… All online is not shit, rank of course is BS but who takes it seriously to begin with only time I took rank seriously is if I knew this person wasn’t just some random trying to abuse lag tatics and actually plays the match up. And 9 times out of 10 endless will be garbage too if the room is full of randoms.

Edit: Any one here played hugo101’s rufus or bison besides me, I managed to pull a win or two on his rufus but his bison is on a completely different playing field. His Abel and Seth are also decent.

so… what part of online isnt shit?