Peruvian Matches

Well my friend upload some random matches. Enjoy and post your comments

[media=youtube]crH6L5DeAOg[/media] (This one will be viewable in a few minutes

de ke pimball son?

ya di mi opinion en el foro de ryuuko sobre esas peleas…XD
saludos a todos los jugadores de 3-3 de hablahispana…XD

Watched these yesterday, nice vids. :tup:

At least the Hugo ones, you posted them in the character specific forum right?

The Hugo player is pretty good! I want to see him play against better players though.

Urien player needs to follow through with his combos… that’s what Urien is all about.

owned :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

Jugamos en la de lima y en la usil

Nop just in this thread, i will post more this week…with high level players. The urien one was a newbie and its the same who is fighting with akuma :arazz: :arazz:

a ver ke dia bajan a la catolica (2 ferros la ficha), el pata ke juega con hugo y el ke juega con sean juegan bien.

Ok that hugo was ok
but just one question

I dont care who am I playin, even if its ysb or hayao, if theres a chance to win you have to be agresive not turlte
of course
you have to know how to move but cmon
just my opinion
I do want to see that hugo against better players

La catolica queda lejos y las veces q hemos ido no pasa nada, solo en al richi hay level tambien, el miercoles vamos a filmar en la rotonda a ver si te das una vuelta

es ke la rotonda keda lejos pa nosotros tb
y en la richi aunke hay algunos ke juegan las palancas son una mierda. avisen ke dia juegan ahi pa ir en mancha