Pet peeve: Super priority

I dunno…but lately i’m just getting fustrated at the lack of priority supers have in CVS2. It seems like almost anything hits you out of a super. Geez. :confused:

Btw, CVS2 was my favorite fighter on the PS2, until i met 3S.

/end rant

Use lvl 2’s and 3’s and you won’t have that problem.

And instead of throwing out random supers, try to perform the super as part of a combo.

wake up super…

It works on Japs.

I see where you’re coming from to complain about this. I don’t think you’re using the right supers in the right sitatuations though. Yeah, of course a level one Chun kick super is horribly useless as a wakeup super move. It’s the same thing in 3S though. You’ll lose to a meaty low short every single time. You need to know which CvS2 supers are the ones that are useful outside of a combo or chipping somebody to death from tick attack.

Vice, Raiden, and Zangief’s grab super are all fully invincible and you can’t escape after the flash. Yamazaki’s level one grab super can be jumped from after the flash, but you’re going to get grabbed every time if you happened to have stuck something out.

At point blank range, Rolento’s level ones Tripwire super can’t be blocked unless you were already blocking low. It also beats all grounded low attacks that go at Rolento’s feet clean. No doing low shorts on Rolento as he gets up unless you want to run the risk of eating random super.

Iori’s rush super has upper body invincibility, and is perfect anti-air against vertical jumps. Vertical jumps just happen to be the best counter against Iori’s RC punch also, so it’s a free super everytime the you get faked into jumping and Iori didn’t do RC punch.

Chun’s level one Puffball super is useful against opponents jump attacking you as you get up.

Blanka’s level one Electric Ball super has high priority. First, it goes over all low attacks clean. Next, even when it trades, the trade is highly in Blanka’s favor damage wise. Blanka can use this to purposely trade with cross-up jump attacks for big damage every time.

Morrigan’s teleport super is fully invincible and lets her escape from the corner or from anti-air moves she would otherwise be forced to eat (just don’t do the follow up drill kick).

Ryu’s level one Hurricane Kick super goes over all low attacks and will also cleanly beat almost air attacks (for no damage, but it doesn’t matter because you’ve gotten them off you).

Those are all of the useful level ones to use outside of combos I can think of right now. I bet there are more too though. You don’t have to complain about supers having no priority in this game. There’s worse stuff in this game that will make you even more angry. Learn to use the right supers for the right jobs instead.

bison’s scissor kick is a good lvl1 wake up as well.
usually anymove that is in the air