Pet peeves thread


You know, those little things that piss you off to no end, even if you know it’s unreasonable to get so worked up over 'em. Post those things in this thread.

For starters, people who type “u” instead of “you” or “Y” instead of “why”. You useless cumstain, it’s two more fucking keystrokes, it takes about a tenth of a second at worst to type out the whole word.




lol nice try bro.


When people post pet peeves threads, OH IT JUST GETS ME SO ANGRY


Lately, it’s been Rob Liefeld’s artwork. I know that he is almost universally accepted as being terrible, but just thinking about the fact that he keeps managing to get work will piss me off to infinite lengths.


people who post too much personal stuff on facebook, guess that counts.


People that say aks instead of ask, seriously, its not that hard to say, is it?
And when they say ‘f’ instead of ‘th’ (for example “Fink” instead of think)


I get REALLY fucking annoyed by people who as soon as they notice a pattern among a group of people, they immediately start complaining about it.

a example of this would be a snobby music fans notices a form of music is “becoming” popular, and then starts trash talking it and the people who like it. Thats just one example, doesnt have to be music related.

I also hate when people think that everything is merely an opinion. 2+2=4, thats not my god damn opinion


The sun is bullshit.


Secret sauce, it ain’t no damn secret; it’s bullshit! That’s your damn secret right there.