Pet Peeves

List your pet peeves.


  • People that blindly follow trends/pop culture
  • People that purposely avoid everything tendy/pop aka suddenly don’t like things that they’d liked before because it became popular
  • People that spout off random statistics. You see this a lot on this site. 95% of Bison’s do blah… blah… blah. Throwing out random numbers doesn’t make you smarter, it just makes you look like an idiot.

I’ll be patiently awaiting for someone to list pointless topics as a pet peeve and for someone to '09 neg rep me.

I am gonna get premium so I can neg you captain 2k9. WATCH OUT!! :mad:

the op’s un reminded me of a big tymer’s joint.

gator boots with the pimped out gucci suiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits

man that was the shit when i was young(er).

People who refer to all arcade sticks as “fightstick”.

and hipsters

people who make threads without searching.

-People who chew with their mouths open

-People that can’t admit when they’re wrong

-Women who can’t take the truth

-Escort missions in video games

women never take the truth.

There have to be a few that do somewhere. I once dated a girl that gained like 20 pounds while we were dating and I called her out on it. She knew I was right and she worked that shit off. Alas, that was the only female I’ve ever known who didn’t burst into tears when I told her the truth.

People who use Naruto/dbz dub-speak…most commonly “A whole nother”

People who ask me if I’m playing Madden on my psp when they notice it

People who insert extra sounds into words “styewpid” “boo-uk”

Pompous idiots who say when you have a problem with your neighbor, you should just move away, as if everybody has fuckloads of cash and no attachments to the area.

Flaming gay dudes that do that “reach out and paw someone” thing when they’re putting an emphasis on something. No touchie. No touchie.

Tv shows that are multicultural, but then dictate that while the caucasian male cast can get chicks of all ethnicities (then later will permanently pair up with a female caucasian character from the permanent cast), the non-caucasians have NO romance in their lives until someone of their exact ethnicity shows up.

Hot women (co-workers, friends of friends) that wouldn’t give you the time of day…until they need something.

Women that walk around supermarkets with their purses on the top rung. They feel okay letting a sea of random strangers pass by their buggy while they stand 8 or so feet away from it and read labels…but the moment they spot a black dude, they hustle back to the buggy and grab that purse.

People who quickly slam the divider down at the checkout in grocery stores, as if the fact that your groceries are separated by almost 4 feet isn’t good enough for them.

People who refer to things they don’t like as “pet peeves”


Probably one of my biggest would be people who make excuses for their racist grandparents because they’re old so it’s okay.

People who race up to stoplights. Why? Coast you idiot and save some wear and tear on your car.

Biggest pet peeve: Automotive fanboys that slob on the knob of Ferrari nonstop and calling the cars a work of art. So I happen to like Corvettes a lot and the Ferrari guys make fun of Corvettes for having panel gap problems and all that great stuff but when the million dollar Enzo has terrible body panel gaps its " The gaps add to the authenticity of this being a hand made car and also attesting to it being a true work of art.". Nice.

I mean I love the F cars just as much as the next car nut but the snoody attitude projected from the general fanbase, and over babying these ultimate performance machines kills any desire to fall for the car all the way. Not to mention they tout the cars as being the ultimate craftsmanship and made of only the best materials yet they put probably 1,000 miles on one a year. Meanwhile you’ve got these “piece of shit” American made cars (Corvette, Mustang) that are chugging around with over 200,000 miles or more on the odometer and still going strong.

Overall, I sincerely hate the appeal to snobbery that Ferrari projects. Bullshits in my book. :smile:

Fuck yes. I can’t count the times I’ve been passed when coasting up to a red light. And then when that shit turns green the fuckers take their sweet ass time going.

Also, dumb shits who thinks that parking lots don’t have lanes and just drive which ever fucking way they want to. I was just at the store and watched some idiot cutting through the parking lot plow into not one but two cars.

My biggest ones are:

Noisy people - includes people talking in movie theaters, chewing with open mouth, etc.
People who try and make simple conversations into arguments

Weeaboos. However you spell it.

People who push the handicap button to open a door when they can easily go to another door/same door and pull it open themselves.

Its better than the “puzzle mission” thats beginning to plague action/adventure games.

-I hate when people dont know the difference between “your” and “youre”
-I hate when people take a piece of what you say and run with it, ignoring the bulk of what you said

People who chew with their mouth open, ragequitters, and weeaboos.

Well honestly, anything regarding weight or physical appearance on a woman doesn’t count. We’re talking real shit like feelings and emotions.

People that type like complete and utter retards. The ones that abbreviate everything, I mean fair enough if you wanna use ‘2’ and shorten a few words like ‘ur’ but people take it to the extreme. Infact, they do it so bad that it surely must take them longer to type it than if they just typed it normally.