PETA releases Pokemon Parody game "Black and Blue"


I just played all the way through this and it’s so ridiculous. lol

Oh you can also unlock trading cards through the game


I, for one, am glad PETA is so invested in the lives of fictional animals. They really are a shining example to us all.


I’m waiting for the Urban version…

Black and Yellow


Rule #1 about giving PETA attention:
Don’t give PETA attention.

Rule #2 about giving PETA attention:


It seems they fail to understand that the entire basis of the series is about humans and animals co-existing. Absolute morons.


I may go out of my way to abuse animals now. You see, PETA? This is entirely your fault. I’m going to drive into my local pond and take a whole family of adorable ducks because you protested Pokemon. Their soft, fluffy feathers are on your hands. Weep, PETA. Weep at what you have made me do.


That’s why I didn’t click on that link, even though I’m sure it’s hilarious. Honestly, delete thread while we’re at it. What’s a PETA?


Wait. Wasn’t this like… the very plot of Black & White 1?

PETA = Team Plasma on crack?


PETA, when I played your game, here’s what I did, hand to my heart:

-Tried the “Protest” and “Group Hug” moves, since that’s the kind of shit you guys are into. Just like real life, these things had no real effect and cemented my belief that I as a person hold more value than your entire organization. You are a goddamn joke.

-I won my fights by sneaking hits in and lighting people on fire. So I guess you’re promoting terrorism? At least now you’re just coming out and admitting you’re genocidal fuckheads. You are worse then Westboro Baptists.

-I named my characters “Dickballs” and “Jiggawhat” because you let me, and because it was better than taking this game seriously. I know you asshats are trying to draw parallels between Pokemon and cockfighting or bullying or some dumb thing, but you also protested Super Meat Boy, so I KNOW you just hate games, fun, and America.

-I turned it off around the time a Snorlax showed up, because your game is boring, doesn’t really have a point or a stance, and there was something better on tv.

I remember these pricks outside showings of Bambi with pamphlets reading “Your mommy killed Thumper” with mangled, bloody rabbit corpses and shit like that. PETA, you are using tactics that would make politicians vomit. You are like child predators but WORSE somehow.

Here’s a tip: these kids playing Pokemon may see your awful little Flash Abortion. They may play it. And they will wonder aloud what the blue hell was wrong with the people that cooked it up. I’m doing it right now, and I’m an adult.

Next time you want to make a flash game parody of a popular game you don’t agree with, here’s what you do:

1: Don’t

2: Shoot the man in charge of making your games

3: Go volunteer at animal rescue places




There was a couple things that pissed me off about this abomination

  1. Ash never forces Pikachu in his ball and doesn’t force him to fight pikachu does so on his own will
    2.If they played b&w properly and payed attention they would realize in the beginning that team plasma kicks a musharna but they support them so does that mean they support an evil group that hurt pokemon and even kindnap them? Good job PETA.
    3.Where the fuck did Oshawott come from?
  2. Instead of using their money to help out shelters or someshit they rather make a cruel parody of a game series all about the friendship between pokemon and their trainers?


PETA is what we call in pokemon “not very effective”

Coincidently i just rewatched Penn and Teller Bullshit on youtube about PETA. They pull some fucked up tactics to get their message across.

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Seeing as this is a complete misuse of copyrighted material I’m kinda hoping it does get attention and Nintendo sues their ass. Some would say parody, but they use the Pokemon logo, and almost exact duplicates of the characters. This isn’t done parody style like if South Park were to make a spiky haired character named “Fart Pimpson” but in the South Park art style for one episode.

It’d be better as Red and Meth.


It took PETA this long way to get on Pokemon? I would think a series where you capture fictional animals, imprison them in cramp tiny balls and force them to fight to the death would have been on their shit list from day one.


As far as I remember PETA has always been after Pokemon. But,this is like the most “extreme” thing they’ve done regarding it.


That’s what makes it so… stupid. Because outside of the mild “we fight for fun” thing, the games/anime are like, the exact opposite of this. Hell, I had to stop watching the anime because of all the “Pokemon are our BFFs and we should jump in front of lightning bolts and live ammo to protect them even though they clearly can demolish mountains whenever they feel like it!” moments.

…who am I kidding, I’m a big ol’ softie I love that stuff :oops:

Apparently they couldn’t do it as extreme as they really wanted until they learned Flash.:razzy:


Lol they’re both terrible.
PETA sucks.
Poke Devs recently put ANIMATED sprites to their pokemon games after like 100 years of churning out the same game.


Played it and it’s stupid. I only get three megadrains, no potions, and wrap is OP.


PETA just being annoying by taking this so far.


PETA being retarded? Nothing new here, folks.

goes back to playing Pokemon Black 2


You know, I’ve always felt there should be an option to sell your pokemon for their delicious poke-meat. Like, there would be strategy, do you farm Rattata’s for relatively cheap, but plentiful rat meat, or do you spend the time raising evolving your Dratinis into juicy Dragonites and selling their succulent Dragon steaks for big bucks?