Peter Discord


Inexplicably Peter doesn’t have his own character section. I know he’s not out yet, but Urien has one! Anyway, I’ve created a discord so everyone can discuss tech and mathcups in preparation for EVO2017!

The Street Fighter V Lounge - Smashas in the Club Doing Aegis Reflector

Inexplicably you made a thread for a character that hasn’t and won’t ever be officially announced. Nice.


Do you work for Capcom?

I’m aware he’s OP, but obviously he’ll be balanced before any official release. Keep the dream alive!



and the dream is dead. PC mod only.


You wanna take your negativity else where? You don’t like Peter, we get it, go away.


It’s not negativity, and since this is the internet I’ll be staying right over…here.


please post threads for only confirmed characters

see the rules for any questions: