Peter Pan Games, Bayside, NY

Does anybody go to Peter Pan Games in Bayside (Bay Terrace), NY?

I go there because there is plenty of parking and it’s on my way home from work.
They have SFIV, MVC2, T6, T5:DR, old school multi-game machine (XvSF, all versions SF2, the vs game before MvC1, Mortal Kombat 1-3, some KoFs, others), latest DDR, Pump It Up, Initial D and other driving games, shooting games, and even family games that win you tickets.

Wow, I never thought about all the stuff they had til now; kinda amazed they could fit all that in that small space.

Anyway, hit me back if you play here, and I KNOW some of you must read these boards because once in a while I do play against ppl who actually know how to play Street Fighter.

Also, I want new ppl who have never heard of this arcade to come and play me in SFIV/MVC2 because I’m tired of beasting and I’m too lazy to go to CF.

How are the sticks on the marvel cab? 25 or 50cents? I might swing by there this weekend to peep it out, and Smiles as well.

The thing with SF4 at PPG, is that it has the American set up. Otherwise I’d be going there.

ewwww american? i was gona go but fuck that. and no blazblue either

Yeah, BlazBlue is pretty damn fun.

What do you mean by American set up? It has two cabinets which are like 25 feet away from each other so sometimes I have no idea who I am playing. They have American sticks.

SFIV and T6 also have PS2 ports if you play better with controller.

Marvel is 50 cents and the sticks are good.

I wish CTF had PS2 ports on SFIV. I suck ass with stick. :sad:

Lol pad lol.

And by american set up, I meant the sticks. I could care less how close or far away the person I’m playing is.

if only they had 3s there sigh*

id be there every friday after class :sad:

. i go there often but theres almost no challenge there.

ill be heading there this friday with friends of mine

im hoping to do well on my first time playing the game

Diss… :cybot:

hmm , i might go 2morrow to check the sf4 comp. i will be the kid with the black and white hat .

i went there yesterday (friday night) the only comp i got was from my friends and it was my first time playing…and i still beat them -___-

i saw some asian guy (played ken) and a big guy with him…wondering if theyre ppl who post here or something (i was the “cheap” gouki player with the blue shirt on the HD cabinet lol)

Yo im going 2day,kid with black and white hat. Lets play some sf4

Oh hey was that you today? Sorry, I don’t check these boards that often…I was the 'gief player. GG’s man.

Update: Peter Pan has TvC now!

ggs to whoever i played in tvc and sf4 today.

i was the asian guy using ken in sf4 (got perfected by somebody) and chun/morrigan in tvc.

wanted to play some mvc2 but seems like nobody plays that here…

OOO whats up guys yea that was me , good shit today. I didn’t know you guys post here awesome. Nice gief man, and to the chun morrigan dude nice shit , im goin back next Saturday for some games, this place is nice :tup:

O and they have TvC :woot:

oh hey good shit there w/chun & morrigan…that was my 1st time playing TvC lol.
dude I play marvel… there’s only like maybe 4-5 good marvel players at Peter Pan and a hell of a lot of scrubs. I’ll play marvel today with you if you are coming through today for the sf4 tourney.

I’ll play you Denf, as long as you don’t pick Magnus.

and Storm.

and Sent aw!