Peterborough Thread 2010

I know there were some players from PTBO in here. Would love to play some rounds at Jeff’s Cards and Comics sometime. Keep the thread alive! I live on Water Street and I’m always looking for a place to play, I’m hoping to have a game room soon in my apt. If anyone is from Ptbo or near and wants to play, send me a msg over live requesting a game!

ME. Wow. wtf is SF doing in Ptbo?

Not a whole lot, Arcades are almost non-existent and it’s hard to find players. Jeffs/ELan is full of raging World of Warcraft/Magic Nerds that don’t know how to throw a sonic boom.

wtf is this

I figure about the arcades. Well, that’s cool if there’s anyone else that shows up, there can be some ranbats or something. there has got to be some competition around here.

Where were you in the summer?? I was always going to that card shop looking for people to play SF with. I just moved outta town after finishing at Trent. Too bad man

Sorry, I wish there were more players in Peterborough. I’ve got two TE sticks and two FightPads so I’m just waiting to get the room to have a bash at my apt.

I still have friends and stuff in peterborough, so if I ever come up, I’ll let you know and we can play

Awesome can’t wait!

Forgot to add that I made a website while it uses my name it’s only what I try to represent. A group for Fighting fans in Peterborough to join and play games together. I’m going to be setting up a meet a ‘The Spill’ in a few months for players to meet. Even if it does end up being my friend and I there it’ll be really fun. Thanks and please vist

Set this up on a weekend and I’ll come check it out. Just not on a weekend when something with Pownz is happening :stuck_out_tongue:

Will do! Thanks for taking interest. I’ll most likely having a gathering in my apt because there’s enough room for at least 8 people or more in my living room. But I still want to try for The Spill first.

Does anyone know if there are any 3S cabs in Peterborough?

…Or any cabs?

You’re making a meet at the spill?

Thats so bad ass dude. We can have our own little bar fight thing. I’ll definitely come up for that.

Awesome! I can’t wait to set it up. I still need to talk with them and see how much it cost to hold something there and if it by the hour, I don’t want to have to charge people to come in and play. But who knows?!

IMO, cover charges are better in the long run. Some exclusivity will save your sticks/pads from random (drunk) people who don’t know how to hadouken. Or people that will hadouken for spare change.

Randoms using my stick ehhhh

I dunno, I’d havfta see about that. Not to be a stick-dick, but I’ve seen people rip on em before.

Well, I’m sure others would bring their own. And, if not, there would be some to be supplied, from what I’m hearing from ZeroEO. I let people use mine at Starnet before. They’re a good crowd though.

Yeah I’ll bring my fightpads for sure for everyone to use, the TE sticks I’ll bring too, I’m still kinda scared to watch people pound on them lol.

I’m pretty good with sticks. Used to hit them, but after playing with japanese parts for so long, I don’t feel the need to smash the controller; it’ll activate if I press.
But I’m sure the cover charge for people would weed out the randoms.