Petition - Bring back post win movement from Vanilla


Mostly bring it back for the 2013 patch if that happens.
Not sure how it being “annoying” is a good enough reason to take it out from the Vanilla to Super update.


Post in this thread if you want this patched in possibly with 2013 patch


Doubtful any of the game devs will bother putting it back in. I too miss post KO moves but it doesn’t affect gameplay in the slightest.


Yes, and old blockstun too


I want the old announcer back


Bring back indestructible.


Indestructible + post ko moves = yes please


Hahaa yes i’ll sign for the courtesy duff and everything else that’s been suggested! Vanilla had such a cheesy vintage feel.


definitely bring back the announcer and block animation and sound


I want my grandma back :frowning:


Signed. I want Indestructible as well.

Fuck it, can we just play vanilla again? Seriously.


Not sure how it being annoying is a good enough reason to put it back in.

Not sure how serious it’ll be, but yeah, you can - just put the disc in your machine.


It’ll be serious as FUCK.

I’d put it in right now if I had it. I heard that there’s a steady crew of Japanese players who still play vanilla online. I really miss that shit, and I recognize it could be nostalgia goggles aka rose-tinted glasses but I’m also curious to see if I in fact do accurately remember the experience of playing it compared to how I feel playing Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2012 now.

Edit - I mean, the game is now called Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2012… guys, say that aloud a couple of times and let it sink in… HAS THIS ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENED? WHY CAPCOM


Rose-tinted glasses? Dude it’s only been like 4 years since it came out. It’s not some classic video game you used to play as a kid in the 90s.


lol uhhhhh ok… let me rephrase: “given that all memories of past experiences are unreliable, clouded not only by the certain hindrance of object, factual inaccuracies but also, potentially, by the sway of emotions - all of this a subject of much philosophical, psychological, and scientific thought dating back to the Greeks - I would enjoy spending more time with vanilla in order to compare my current impressions of the game to what I would actually experience being the different player and person I am today.”


Popped it in the slot last night out of curiosity - if Europe is anything to go by the only people still playing it online are still on dial-up as well.

And, crikey, it feels slow now…

(Fun, though. And better than AE (not AE ver. 2012)…)


Post win Legendary taunt was the greatest thing ever.


I loved smashing people right after KOs, it was awesome :slight_smile:


I put it in, heard the theme song, and almost knocked my tv over rushing to yank the power cord.

But seriously, why would you willingly play that game? I only play it when I meet people at work that only have vanilla and think they have something to prove.


Y’all should play 3S - you can do some sick stuff post-KO in that game (including taunt, of course).

People would play it willingly because everyone does more damage, the top tier characters are stronger, and the cast overall is less watered down (most of my favorite characters were in vanilla). But that’s why I want to play it again, maybe it wouldn’t be that fun, I dunno.


I want the Block noise back and the fireball hit and block sound