Petition for a Cross up?

I was thinking about this, and i know its likely to never EVER happen… MAYBE! just MAYBE! if we sent them a million tweets they could fix yangs cross up.

why yangs cross up? why not more? why not more important things? the chances of them even changing the slightest thing is pretty damn unlikely, because if they alter are character on are request then everyone else would want the same for theres. but because his cross up is so bad it almost seems like a glitch, so maybe if we all just them a message requesting a fix for the cross up glitch maybe they will claim it was never meant to be like that…

i know this is pretty useless, but its not like the yang forum doesnt need activity!

But this was listed as an Official Nerf to Yang in the Changelog PDF they released for AE 2012.

Yang’s crossup is like Yun’s in old AE…it works, but requires specific setups or works against some chars only.

i know, but they just said they nerfed its hit box, or w/e. they didn’t list specifically how horrible the nerf was.

even then, at the very least it couldn’t hurt to just tell them the nerfs are retarded.

The 2 extra frames on the dive kick is what bothers me the most. It feels like I have to use every time. Whenever I use cr.lp, it doesn’t connect or I get countered.

What’s actually been bugging me most about the divekick is that I’ll aim it right and time it right in order to hit their feet and they’ll throw out a poke of some sort assuming that I’m not gonna jump and I’ll counterhit the limb and not recover in time to combo. Still, if I had to choose between the two I’d rather have the crossup back. He just feels so much more linear without it.!/Capcom_Unity

no harm in trying.

So, what is this is like the 22nd day of 2012?

I think yang really does need his cross up back. i feel like he loses to any character that can just hold down back

Press half circle forward + kick.

I dont think a petition is going to let these Capcom idiots puts Yang’s Crossup back. Whats done is done and we cant do anything about it.We just going to have to live with yang with no crossups and a slow st.jab.

lets talk about the tools he have to win. wait…he has wonder why this character thread is done

You guys are crazy.

AE Yang was bullshit. 2012 Yang is much less so.

No crossup? Last I checked he still has it off of a bunch of setups, and against larger characters you can just straight up do it naked. Also, don’t compare it to AE Yun’s crossup. That is a completely different thing.

Slow stand jab? It’s 4 frames and most characters can’t duck it. Are you wishing he had a two frame jab? And maybe the jab was unblockable?

No tools? Wow… you obviously have no idea what you’re doing with this character.

Sorry to take this off topic, but seriously?

yang should be able to guard crush everyone in ssf4 even though theres no guard bar. All he should have to do is just walk up press jab and then they die.

and get a meaty combo done on you just for getting behind your opponent. this isnt 3s man, hes literally the dan that shouldnt have been. they shouldve nerfed Yangs–wait…that shouldnt have nerfed shit

I assume Rose meant stand forward when he said stand jab and Otori meant half circle back when he said half circle forward.

Anyway, I’m not suggesting that Yang’s bad; he’s just mediocre. The concept of what’s ‘bullshit’ in a fighting game is highly subjective and something that people will always complain about, but the people who are dedicated to using ‘bullshit’ to win will always make the effort no matter how many rebalances are made. That’s why our forums are so bustling with activity. And yeah, Yang was overpowered in AE and deserved to be nerfed. Fei was even better than Yang according to most and now he’s seemingly worse to the point that he doesn’t dominate but is still pretty much intact. Would Yang be better than Akuma if he had his crossup back? I doubt it. Yang without the crossup is balanced in the sense that he can compete with most of the cast outside of the highest level of play; with the crossup it’d be pretty much the same thing. He might move up a tier. He might be Fei Long level. I’d be happy with that.

But mostly I’d be happy with the fact that after getting around a bunch of fireballs and worrying about autocorrected shoryukens when I want to force Ryu to guess a side I don’t have to pray that I’m in exactly the right spot and he doesn’t decide to duck. Is that really how rushdown is supposed to work in this game?

Incidentally, is there a rushdown character that has a worse crossup than us now? Is there a rushdown character that if you took away their crossup in this manner wouldn’t have their entire forum explode into pity party threads far larger and bitchier than this one? This is where we get to vent. And listen to Simple Plan. And cry.

As much as I would like it back, it’s not going to happen.

Imo all the nerfs would be fine if he still had his crossup. With Yang’s poor damage we really need that threat for mixup options.
All the tools are there but they really lack effectiveness.

Dive kicks have to be spaced very precisely or you will eat a counter hit/lose pressure (which is pretty damn hard).
His command grab has zero range (wtf is the point of ex command grab now anyways)
Playing footsies is hard with Yang because his pokes are not that great (I miss u
He does SHIT damage and has low health.

Though the moment you DO get in, the safe pressure you can apply is still insane (as long as you space dive kicks correctly).
And the air resets can score you decent damage. Though against shoto’s it’s a damn big risk. Because if you succeed you do little damage, but if they mash uppercuts they will take a big chunk of life because you have shit health.

That being said I will always play Yang. He’s just so damn stylish and fun to play as.

I have encountered many, many stupid statements surfing the internet over the years…but you, my friend, take the cake.

No moron anywhere could ever dream of crafting something as idiotic as this. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not unique.

wrote a long post, deleted it

ex command grab:
go into training mode
set dummy block all crouch

short->short/ low jab-> stand jab -> ex command grab works
works on almost entire cast
ex command grab = good

play safer with yang, he’s not yun

the end

i changed my mind, they should give him back the cross up and the dive kick… and the meter build… and well everything.

hes like the worst character by far, even old yang would be close to low tier in this 2012 op edition. :slight_smile: