Petition for a "Mike" Alt for Balrog from Original Street Fighter Game



In the future, one thin I REALLY want is a “Mike” alt from the original street fighter character Mike - The Street Fighter Wiki - Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3, and more because Balrog basically is Mike from SF1 and it would be a cool tribute to have his alt. If anyone agrees please comment. : )


SF1 was pretty terrible and Mike’s outfit is just a red shirt and jeans. I don’t see that being a big seller.


Dont Forget, That the handwraps make the character


And honestly, I don’t see Balrog looking good in an outfit like that. It would be almost as bad as his 2nd alt.


Damn double post…


if he’s only got handwraps he should do more damage



oh that was real funny. they must teach you comedy since they don’t teach socal SSFIV

anyway, its a horrible idea to have that as an alt. street fighter 1 was ridiculously bad, so why bring back those horrible memories?


I know it was a bad game but it had redeeming qualities. I guess just the nostalgia factor is it for me. Being the first street fighter will always give it a place in history. Plus for 1986 it was quite good. Being a kid in the 80’s i guess i just developed a love for all those old games. It probably wouldnt sell well but id buy it. Thats one. Do i haer a second…? Lol


Agreed, Even though im not that old lol. '88