Petition for Charge Moves (of charge characters) to return and to Reintroduce Charge Partitioning

Characters like claw have changed too drastically in terms of play style because their commands have changed to circular motions.

Yes circular motions require less preplanning but that’s why you have characters with shoto style commands. I fear SFV is over simplifying the game and most of the cast are ending up playing the same or very similar. One thing I do agree on though are the Super move commands, double quarter circle is necessary for to keep pressure, this I don’t doubt.

Fans of 3rd Strike will know charge moves in the game aren’t restricted to defensive purposes only and can be used offensively through Charge Partitioning.

i.e. Urien’s dash forward headbutt: down charge, dash, down charge during dash motion, up+punch

I know I’m in the minority here since no one has commented here or capcomunity’s forum regarding this change, but I’m hoping I can find some like minds here.

P.S. A circular motion Urien = Gill so please oh please don’t introduce him with Gill’s moveset! T-T

I’m not a pro, but I do think the opinion is valid. I like having the supers be quarter circle forward, but having a charge based character defines a more defensive play style. This is very fitting for Vega and Boxer who both play a different type of defensive game. I hope when Boxer is released he is a charge character, or I may have no clue how to play him haha.

Charge Vega is gone, and I doubt he will come back.

We got FANG though, which still maintains the ratio of 3 Charge Kings and 1 Motion King.

The best we can do now is rally behind the remaining charge characters and ensure that they stay that way.

Urien, Guile, and Boxer need to remain predominantly charge characters.

Charge partitioning won’t return as far as I know, but Capcom has introduced ways around it. Charge times are on average very short, possibly the shortest they’ve ever been (need confirmation on this). Every character’s V-system will likely also introduce ways around charge, see Bison and Necalli for example.

You do realize just how much more complex claw is now compared to past iterations?

I want charge supers back. So much easier to use them for anti airing that way.

Vega is far more complex now. Vega is a fast in your face kind of character anyway. Commands make more sense for him. Also Vega was much simpler before, I think a lot of you are just used to having him be simple and can’t embrace change, especially since he requires more execution now.

This guy.

How is Claw a defensive character ? Because he has good range on normal ? Op, you do not know what you are talking about. And go FY for making claw a charge character again, he was dumb as hell in SFIV, only things that make him hard to play was tight bnb combo and the fact that he was shit tier in almost every iteration of SFIV. I mained him in SFIV, he was much less interesting than the character he is know.

Vega in SFV is PERFECT. Only things he lacks is more range on, and more possibility to juggle FB after some moves.

pls no
he’s already strong as he is
especially when he can escape to the moon after life lead

I don’t think Claw needs charge. If you love charge-Claw so much, go play SFIV.

Here’s something for the Vega players. Since Vega’s become a motion character now how do you feel about it? Also to me it seems using the claw is inferior to no claw all around. How does it feel to you? Oh one more thing. Should they change it back to how it was where if you dropped your mask and claw you should be able to pick it back up instead of being gone forever?

Claw with claw is now more Chun than Chun.


Seriously though, in a recent blog post, Viscant broke down how the changes Claw got during the betas were basically to encourage more use of claw stance since most everyone was using non-claw stance early on.