Petition for CVS2 on XBLA


There you go!

Why not a CVS2 HD online version on XBLA???


why the hell must we pay… I just signed it too.

I don’t have a credit card though, boo


:smiley: It is an ugly trap IMO, i first thought i had to pay to confirm my signature .

The screen appearing after petition is advertising for the website, you don’t have to pay anything ahah!
Once you’ve signed petition, you can just close your web browser.



i posted a thread about it on the capcomunity forums a few months back. Post there since it’s your best bet if ever want to see cvs2 rereleased


we all know how successful online petitions are, right guys?


i want both cvs1 and cvs2 as dlc for psn and xbox360


I just want them to be on the BC list so I don’t have to buy it again


It doesn’t have to be an HD remake, as long as it’s aracde perfect with great netcode then that’s all I need. Hopefully now that they’re done with MVC2 they can work on porting this over to XBL/PSN. If they can bring it out before the end of 2009 then 2009 will no doubt be the best year for fighting games.


We need CVS2 for Xbox. Marvel just does not cut it.


need cvs2 for psn imo.


so now mahvel is officially back. that leaves cvs2. lets do it! cvs2 for psn and xbla.

add cvs1 in the mix too.

as for 3s, fuck that game.


I think a combo with CVS1 and CVS2 in one would be much desired. I’m surprised that we haven’t seen anything like that at retail with this generation (Kind of like SFAC)


Great idea, though you guys do know it’ll be given to backbone and god knows what the hell they’ll screw up this time (see MvC2 bug thread for example)


These online petitions never work.

Might as well try a thread on Capcom Unity.


agreed!! if it ever comes out before the end of this year, oh my…



Lots of posts in that thread but no posts from somebody at Capcom. In the Ask Capcom forum someone posted about it and the word is nothing yet. I would post in that thread instead.


NO HD VERSION IT WILL LOOK LIKE HOT GARBAGE. Just keep the sprites like they are TY:nono:


i dont care if they release the gamecube version. please just bring it out already. i’ll drop everything else im playing if this comes out. :wasted:


Capcom needs to stop bullshitting and use ggpo for this, too many 1 and 2 frame links in CvS2. GGPO is a must have.