Petition for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core on Xbox Live/Playstation Network/PC

**A thread by the same name posted in dustloop fourms by **Arvoyea

after watching the online edition of our beloved 3rd strike i have been enthusiastic for the same idea for GGAC especially after arc system bought the rights of the game from sega 2 month’s ago …

** Here a part from a an interview withe Diasuke ishiwatarai (GG creator character **designer and music composer…)… year ago…

**APA: *Are there any plans to release Guilty Gear: Accent Core Plus *on Xbox Box Live Arcade and PlayStation Network with online play?
Ishiwatari: It’s something we would like to do. If the fans’ voices are loud enough, we’ll do it.

Arvoyea wanted ( keep the flag flaying) for the game…

**** and after buying the rights i say the game shouldn’t (still in the dark)****

i hope you guys support the game…

It pains me so that the number isn’t up to more than 1989. This needs to happen!

PSN/LIVE is perfect for old fighting games. I’m frankly baffled that GG isn’t already on there. I’m actually considering getting a PS2, just for GG (my old one died a year or so back).

I would buy it so hard.

I don’t really have any way of getting GG at the moment.

This NEEDS to happen!

Well has only been a few months since Arc System Works got the rights to GGX back from SEGA.

I’m down and will sign the petition. But honestly, I only want it on PSN because my arcade stick only works on PS3 and PC. If I had a PS2 arcade stick then I wouldn’t need a PSN release.

Raises hand

I approve. As much as I love Blazblue, I really would love to play Guilty Gear online. Guilty Gear needs more love and a new game too.

I support this.

Guilty Gear all day! i’m sick of trying to find players to play with PC roms. It’d be hella nice to play on XBL with this.

Here, go vote.

I tried, but because I’m on a VPN I guess, I can’t sign.

I’m doubt a Petition’ll do anything

but i guess it couldn’t hurt to try. -signs-

Actually, PS3/360 is probably the worst system for old console fighters because of native input delay of 4 frames when games are output at 720p. All GG games have native input delay of 1F, so bringing them to current gen consoles will increase offline delay by 3F. In a game as dependent on reactions as GG, I don’t think this is really a good idea, even moreso after seeing how 3S online turned out with delay. If GGXXAC were released on consoles, it would need GGPO to even be worth playing at all, and even then it would only be worth playing online. Offline it would still be delay 4 at best (ie. a laggy mess).

Sadly, the best experience to be had for GG online is already possible, and it’s on PC. #Reload online runs close to GGPO level and has incredibly stable connections. AC online is a bit worse, but still playable.

If Marvel can do it fine, GG can too.

Not when GG has 1F input delay and HD consoles require a minimum of 4F. Don’t know what Marvel has to do with that at all.

The input delay on arcade was 1 frame? What?

Can’t prove 3SOE has input delay until we get the arcade board data. Right now it’s the same on both consoles at the typical range of 4 frames for arcade.

Signed it so hard

Signed with burning vigour!

Nobody wants to know what you’re watching while you sign the petition.

Disagree. PM it to me please.