Petition for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core on Xbox Live/Playstation Network/PC

I thought the mystery of whether the petition caused that or not would pique your curiosity haha

Also, sigged it because I would drop every FG I play if this happened

Signed #2222

I’ve been playing on the PS2 and even the PSP, but it sucks to be playing the game with a Dualshock when I have a beautiful HRAP3SA sitting a few feet away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah dude, wish they made some backwards compatible converters. And a stick that’s compatible with a PSP and PSP Vita. That would be life. Arcade on the go.

Oh, how nice it’d be

Every online petition is pointless and stupid…

…except for this one. Signed.



Not that online petitions accomplish anything, but signing this takes, what? Five seconds? Signed.

Yeah now ggxxxac+ is coming to XBL and Psn

did this ever work

omg did this really work?

it probably did, lol

Hooray, thanks for the support.

Cant wait for this.Love blazblue but guilty gear is a way better beast all in its own.