Petition for Supers to freeze the game clock

With as many timeouts as we’re seeing now, you can bet that it will only get worse as the game is explored and defensive options become stronger, (not to mention the rate at which a tagged out character regains health and how fast the timer is). Having supers freeze the game clock will alleviate this problem immensely and allow for more characters to comeback easily as opposed to giving an advantage to characters with supers that are very quick start-to-finish like Ryu.

This is something that would be easy to implement in a future patch. I’m interested in seeing how much interest there would be for this sort of thing, so have at it.

Edit: I’d add an option in the poll to make the game clock longer but I can’t do that so oh well.

I have had this happen too many times. Supers take up WAY TO MUCH TIME and I have gotten stupid timeout losses even though I landed a hit.

Lv3’s take up too much time.

If they did it during Pandora (or like in MvC3, maybe a Super during Pandora will continue doing post-timer damage until the animation is done), then I’d be okay with that, as Pandora would fit some of those tweaks because it’s a huge gamble.

But for the rest of them, I don’t see an issue. Most people seem to be doing better damage with different use of their meter. And yes, you can use some Supers to stall for time near the end, but SF4 did the same thing. If you don’t want the opponent to whip out super to waste the last 2-3 seconds, either make sure you have the life lead, or don’t let him activate super. I think we’ll see less timeouts when people learn new technology, but I’d say its also quite likely that SFxT will have more timeouts than most other fighters. They’re here to stay, and I don’t really have a personal problem with it.


Capcom’s response: “This feature can’t be patched in because it’s not already on the disc.”

How about a compromise? If it’s your Super that hits, you can mash buttons and wiggle the stick to make it go faster, haha.

Meh. It’s part of the strategy. Accept it.

Lets instead have a petition to have scrubs stop trying to get evertything they dont like patched…


I actually like the fact that if you have a think about what to do around 15 sec marker if your down… Hail mary supers arent always the best option.


Petition to change poisons life to 1200. (He’s more of a man then Hugo")

I actually like the way it is now. I’m still new to fighting games in general, and I have been screwed out of a cross assault (?) finish due to time but I still am ok with the fact that time continues while the super and pandora are activated.

If you’re getting time outs shouldn’t that encourage you to be more aggressive during play?

Here’s a tip, faggots: Learn a better combo, because there are combos out there that use EX moves and can do more damage than if you had super.

For example: Akuma can do more damage in the corner by going into (leadup) xx EX Tatsu -> juggle c.hp xx EX Shaku. Gets abou 30~40 more damage than LK Tatsu -> xx c.hp xx Misogi, and it takes up much less time on the clock.

Get your arses in the lab and stop bitching.

I’d prefer if they removed cinematics altogether.

If you run Vega you should always look to hit max range pokes into tag into super. Kills 15+ seconds easily and lets you tag back into Vega who can spend a nice 10 seconds walking backwards to the other corner since nobody can keep up with his walks. LEGIT TACTICS

Pretty much this. I don’t need no fucking animu in my fighting games.

Street Fighter is anime. I know. I just shattered your reality.

My meter spending is going towards tag combos anyway. Capcom and their dev teams obviously don’t give a damn and will never change this issue.

wow only comparing damage when comparing a super and a combo. good job.

something has to be done with the time. 99 seconds is good for one on one fighting like the past games but this is two on two per round here. i’ve seen a lot of time outs so far and just when the other player is mounting a comeback the round is over.

Signed. Just lost a match because it timed out during Hugos super, if the clock had froze I would have won. Too much is going on in this game and there is not enough time for it to all happen.

Petition to end petitions