Petition for the original anime OST in Dragon Ball Fighter Z


Hi all,

I just made a petition to get the original ost from the anime on Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Tomoko Hiroki already said that if the demande was high, the would consider it. So let’s start spreading this!


You can bet your ass that it will be either an unlockable or DLC.
BTW, i hope you are asking the original jap ost, and not the atrocity that Falconer made with his $5 casio keyboard.


Stop stealing Po’s gimmick.



A petition, on an American poll site that aims to inspire change in extremely important societal issues, is being used to change music in a Japanese game. I’m gonna need you guys to seriously consider how things like this looks like to people on the outside of the genre, let alone the gamer community.

Not throwing shade or anything, but is kind of a joke now because of things like this. It’s not a wishing well, people shouldn’t use it as such.


Can we petition for a big green voice pack as well?



Definitely needs more jaw harp.


I think so too, evolution169


How many fucking petition threads am I gonna see


This isn’t what fgd is for. Read the fgd rules.