Petition for VS H&H mode


You can work around this in practice mode set to 2p, but that would make side-troll-tournaments extra long.

I would love to see a VS Mode for H&H. Nothing like getting together with some friends and having fun with the decks. The problem I see is that you would more than likely be restricted to what decks you already have made so your friend would have to use one of your decks (Or you just do Random/Random for added hilarity). I would also like to see a lobby function where you could face other people on your faction (Or just add it to the regular lobbies).

offline vs and online lobbies thx

they’d probably need to also add the ability to build decks at character select to accommodate offline vs, and change up some of the cards (red hulk, daredevil, serpent, and mystique) so they function in an offline environment

I’d like this, with the ability to earn cards and Herald skins (albeit at a slower rate).


x Noble Cactus


Perhaps take it to… Unity? If you bypass all the idiocy and bad forum design, you’ll probably garner a lot of support.

I dont see why it wouldnt work given the “quick equip” they have in practice mode.


I also would like to be able to trade cards with other players. I still haven’t gotten X and Iceman


That said, some cards don’t work right. Daredevil, anyone?


Trade-able cards would make this mode even better, but would give Capcom the excuse to charge $5 bucks for DLC introducing new cards.

That’s what happens when you let a blind guy be a superhero :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not dissing any blind people, I just really hate Daredevil.


For a work around, you can use training mode without health regen as a HnH vs mode. Too bad you can’t have a timer though so some of the timer based cards don’t work there.

You have to set the timer after character select before the round starts.

I never got that.

You can totally bootleg it, but it would be so much easier if we had a mode. For dem side-tournaments.

I honestly can’t fathom why Capcom didn’t include this option. Did they really think people wouldn’t want to be able to play HnH for fun with their friends? Or what?

Definitely needs offline versus and online player match/lobby.

The funny thing is, if people are willing to let 1p select their team, I can totally see people still having side H&H tournaments. It would probably have to be a locked team type thing just to save time tho.

But Capcom should take heed…

They’re probaby saving the Vs mode and online lobbies so they can be Vita exclusive :coffee:

Sadly, this is prolly true. =(
OR Capcom is going to make us pay for it later down the line.
It wouldn’t be the first time Capcom has OFFERED us multiplayer for a game.
Seriously though, this is ridiculous. A FREE new mode of play. Awesome. Can a play with friend? NOPE! Wait WHAT?!?! This IS a fighting game right?!? I have the capability to play across the world with strangers. I’m Not even asking for a grand lobby with 8 people. just 1 v 1 invite a friend OR that guy/girl that just beat your ass and you want a rematch OR whatever.
I really dont understand the logic behind not having it. It’s truly absurd.
You’re really letting me down.

signed, its really sad that this is missing

Its either that or they are trying to force people to play online with this mode because that’s how Capcom wants it to be played. Either way its stupid as shit but I think the second reason is much more likely since its supposed to be a team based mode and if people could play offline then they would lose a lot of players for the online version of it.


Retarded oversight by Capcom yet again.