Petition: MK9 to be included in the main list of games for EVO 2014


MK9 was one of the most entertaining and hype games to watch this year. Not only EVO, but other tournaments as well. The game had low numbers this year, but I believe it will not die during 2014. A lot of people love it and will play it. We can also see new online players coming at tournaments.

The hype during it’s finals and top 8 was amazing. I heard even other people who don’t play it enjoyed themselves and the gameplay.

Gameplay this year has improved a lot. The players showed extremely great skill (DJT escaping and punishing with a full combo REO’s NDC’s with standing 1 was just out of this world).

And lastly, the game had relatively big character variety in top 8. It is known that more characters have the potential to make top 8 that didn’t show up this time (Johnny Cage, Smoke, Reptile, Kenshi, Skarlet).

Also, I understand that EVO is also about numbers. And MK had relatively low numbers compared to other games, but I believe this number of attendees (over 250) will remain stable, maybe it’ll even increase as we’ve seen a lot of online players this year.

So please take a moment to sign this.

Also spread the word of course. I want this game next year.


There’s no room for “I think” here. The EVO2014 roster will be determined by the situation in the early months of 2014.


entirely too early.


Divekick was more hype than mk9 and the official release hasn’t even happened yet.


im sure that if it’s WORTHy, WB can pay for it to return.

p.s. nrs ballroom was a waste of space. we had dudes playing with yo-yo’s, making that place look more like a fanimecon or highschool rave rather than an fgc event


Killer instinct is gonna be a given so there’s a good chance mk 9 ain’t gonna make it with those numbers. Unless they add more games to the line up.


KI doesn’t look that good honestly. But yeah, for MK9 to make it in we have to support it.


Not seeing it bro. As much as I love MK9 and as much fun as the game is, it doesn’t have the following anymore to earn a spot at Evo. Quite frankly, It didn’t deserve it’s spot this year.

Ultimately it’s in the communities hands.


Until then to’s must know the game is wanted in the main roster.


Dunno about this. May sign it.


There’s a difference between a bunch of people signing an online petition, and actual people going to Evo to provide ACTUAL support to the community that will carry much more weight when they’re deciding which games to pick for Evo 6 months from now.

If you want to actually support the game, show up.


I did go to tournaments in my region, but I’ve dropped it for the moment. I still support it and enjoy it on streams though.


In what capacity do you support the game? If you’re not showing up to tournaments, the only other way to support the scene would be to provide content for the community, or logistical support for offline events and sessions. Anything else is just cheering on the sidelines.


Petitions aren’t going to do anything. The only to make sure your game (and this applies to every game) is on the roster is to show up to tournaments and keep them in the public eye to show there’s still interest.


Ugh…that involves actually going outside and socializing and stuff.


I know right? Showing up and actually putting in work. Who could imagine that’d be the way to build communities?!


Bump! Let’s get a hundred.


we can do a side tournament for this and also throw in a side tournament for MKII and UMK3…