Petition to bring Namco X Capcom overseas

I am not sure about the success rate of online petitions, but I can only hope that we can bring this game to the overseas market…

I have taken the liberty to write up a petition that you can sign here:

hopefully we can help bring this game to the English markets.

Online petitions are about as useful as teflon-coated paper towels.

its just to make them see that people actually care… its not to FORCE them into anything.



In this life, it’s always worth trying. Signed. Thanks.



Archer V2.0–Thanks for taking the iniative to put this together.

it was a pleasure. I just hope everyone who sees this topic takes the minute or two out of thier day to sign it. With SRK alone, we can have thousands of signatures if people just take the time.

Make sure you pass this link onto your friends, and other message boards you frequent!

Thanks all!

Signed, hope it will work, but Im pessimistic. Just for the future, I don’t think its a good idea to use words like ‘demand’ in a petition; a petition is a request, nothing more.

“We request that you comply with our demands”

I said that we are requesting them to do it…

Our demands are what we want, and we request them to comply to what we want…

I was nice about it i think =F

Oh yeah, I definitly signed this baby!


Hefty Bump

Thanks to everyone who’s signed so far… hopefully more people get a chance to sign this.

Signed. It’s madness that it doesnt seem to be on its way yet.

maybe post this link on other boards too? Gaia and RO’s forums seem like clear choices. Signed the petition, btw

Here is the info we know what we must do. so drop a dime on these guys. I think if the get oh… a few thousand calls and letters from fans wanting this game it might do some good

Namco Hometek, INC.
4555 Great America Parkway, Suite 201
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Main: (408) 235-2000
Fax: (408) 235-2005


Huh, I just naturally assumed Namco would be porting this game.

goes off to sign

Signed, not that it will do anything. But signed nonetheless.