Petition to buff tron

I am being completely serious please no troll jokes

I have mained tron and LOVE the character since MVC2 (I bought her game on PSX only because of MVC2) monetarily speaking I am invested into tron as a character

MVC3 was released and tron was a rather lacking character on point she had amazing combos and was a more or less versatile character…until people realized that jumping H was her only real way of doing damage…on point she was an easily figured out and crap character (a scary character but crap nonetheless once her abilities were downloaded)

her redeaming quality was that her assist was AMAZING. obviously abit overpowered and was nerfed in ultimate

enter UMVC3

we have an incarnation of tron that continues to have ALL of her weakness
1.useless zoning game that is easily destroyed by any teleport character viable way of gaining ground on an enemy outside of an assist (which can be baited)
3.a character built to have a completely predictable stratagy that has ZERO mixup potential

and none of her strengths

  1. easily setup big damage combos (although obvious)
  2. invincible assist
  3. DHC trick setups

ok capcom…lets make a character “decent” and allow people to enjoy that aspect of her and then completely remove EVERYTHING that makes the character viable with a new version of the game? that makes no sense to me. the J.H nerf is understandable but the nerfs to hit stun deterioration have completely destroyed her viability as an on point character. she can no longer even deal big damage off her one in a million hail mary esc attacks…why? if the idea was to make her a joke character why include her in the first place? if your logic is that she was a crap character in MVC2 with a gosu assist why not continue the trend? why not remove the assist and make her viable on point is that was not the trend you wanted to continue?

how many tournaments did tron assist ACTUALLY WIN???!?!?!?!?!??!?!

considering majors

seasons beatings (phenoix team with tron just kinda kicking it)
winter brawl (that was a major? she hulk did the work)
…local weeklies in BFE?

tron is a factor as an assist but she has never really been a GAME CHANGING factor

please give me a viable character on point that can do work

character loyalty exhists in the FGC people love them some tron and I am one of them

I will continue to play tron but with her current iteration no matter how hard I try or how perfect my execution is with her I will never be able to beat the characters who are more complete and more well rounded then tron

please tell me she is a joke character on the same level as dan so I can move on or buff this character

please post viable ways to improve the character that will prevent her from being overpowered but make her at least at a MINIMUM viable

hsienko is the ass character in this game we dont need 2

Yeah. I just preemptively dropped her because of the nerfs. Started using Dante because he also has a good j.H and he actually has other tools. I’m pissed off too but whatever. I’ve moved on. Oh and I was one of the few playing Tron on point,

Let the game evolve.
No early balance changes.
We need at least a year before changes to anyone, reguardless of tier placements unless in the case of glitches.

show me a strat of her on point or tell me which one of her assists makes her viable as an even USABLE character on a tournament level…

I don’t give a shit if her attacks heal the opponent.
Early and/or frequent balance changes are never the way to go.

Anti-phoenix, lol.

The game is developing calm down, let it evolve

Dude, chill. Everyone wants their favorite character to be the best character. But sometimes it simply doesn’t happen.

Get over it. It’s just a game.

Looks like the Tron community is going through the pains. You’ll just kind of learn to accept it after a while. Trust me, it’s a good learning experience.

No, I don’t understand her nerfs either. But who knows, maybe she’ll still be viable. Just give it some time.

i agree with this thread. got UMVC3 today, went straight to my tron team (tron on point) was disappointed beyond belief. NOTHING works anymore. its horrible. but we can’t do anything, the game is out, and trust me when i say they probably don’t give a fk about tron. that being said. I’ll always remember you tron, as i did in Vanilla… love u. goodbye


i will give tron a second chance

we just need to explore her new changes…

Tron is not bad in ultimate…


Well I’ll agree Tron does suck, but who’s to say the community won’t discover some new tricks for her that would make her viable. To be fair, I don’t think she’ll ever be as good as she was in Vanilla, but asking for immediate changes can be a bad thing.

This is what I’ve concluded after the past two days of ultimate:

Tron is more or less the same on point, actually a little stronger.

Here’s the general system-wide changes in ultimate:

  • increase hitstun on everyone, shorten everyone’s combos
  • nerf everyone’s meter building ability
  • make zoning stronger

All of which is basically what now applies to Tron. You can call these “nerfs” but keep in mind they’re nerfs that also applies to the entire cast.

I don’t know about you guys, but what I’ve been having trouble with isn’t getting hits in with Tron, or any kind of strategic disadvantage - it’s that I drop combos more often than not once I get a hit with Tron. This does not mean Tron needs buffs. It means I need to practice the new combos.

If you take player execution out of the equation, then Tron is more or less just as effective on point as in vanilla, if not stronger. She still has the second most health in the game, still hits like a tank, and still has surprisingly good mixups and mobility for a heavy hitter. Her zoning has improved, and she even got a pretty good kara-throw. The tradeoff for all of this is that the execution requirement for max damage is considerably higher (all stemming from the the j.H knockback nerf).

Execution requirement should play very little to no part in balancing. Besides, it’s not like the bar has been raised that high - consider C.Viper’s high execution requirement compared to what we now need to learn.

If you want to make Tron viable, it’s on you to learn to hitconfirm j.H, delay your jump combos properly, get tight IA drills, and (gasp) learn how to zone smartly. If that sounds too difficult for you… iono, go play Wesker or something. I’m gonna put some time in before I decide that, personally.

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If there really was a universal HSD increase, my Sentinel, Viewtiful Joe, Doom, & Hulk bNb combos probably wouldn’t still work in Ultimate (even the Hulk clap and Sent unfly relaunch combos). I think a pool of characters (including Tron) were singled out. :bluu:.

Your Sentinel BnB doesn’t involve rocket punch into HSF?

That said, I too am a tad disappoint in the Tron hit stun nerfs. I’ll take the time to learn some new combos, but it certainly is a up hill battle for the mechatronic engineer.

I haven’t taken the time but I used to use H Drill to start off my combos - does M Drill or L drill link into st.M?

Not every toon is viable in high level tourney play.
Give it a fucking rest dude it has not been out a week.
Petitioned to close this garbage thread.

There are still heroes left in mahvel ;_;

Nope. It involved Plasma Storm, or I used Hard Drive (looked cooler than HSF). The hitstun on Rocket Punch alone was nerfed, no HSD increase in his case. My fly/unfly combos still work (except corner RP and TAC RP).