Petition to buff tron

AFAIK H drill on a grounded opponent might not link into s.:m:, I think it goes into s.:s: but I know for sure that after popping an opponent off his feet with s.:h: or j.:h: you can link :rdp:+:h: into s.:m:, s.:s: or s.:l:. The trick is to buffer the :rdp: then delay the :h: so that the drill hits cleanly and lower to the ground so they don’t pop up very high and you get all the hits in. I think you’ve already seen some of my vids showing this…

But it’s only after a s.H or j.H?

I’ve hit with a H Drill but couldn’t link the s.M into it. Granted, this was in the heat of combat so maybe I just need to go into the lab to find out myself

Yeah it’s easier to combo an aerial opponent with drill because it causes a pop up, whereas grounded opponents just stagger… How are you even connecting with a raw grounded drill? It seems unsafe and telegraphed in many ways. I only did that in vanilla to catch backdashers.

Pretty much as you say, my regular opponent tends to not see it coming. I believe it also might’ve been a air drill.

Thanks for the input.

on the ground you cannot combo after fierce drill. However you can link after jab and strong drill.

you can actually combo a jab after a :h:.drill if you mash all the hits out
and you can combo a st.:s: after a :m:.drill if you mash it out

I don’t think you even need to mash the hits? I’ve caught people with :f:+:m: xx :rdp:+:h: to s.:l::m::s:. I’m pretty sure that even standing drill causes the opponent to pop up if they were grounded when tagged by it.

Petition to make Tron FUN again. I mained Tron on point because I enjoyed her combos and loved her resets and hitboxes on her attacks, but now if I punish something with a drill there’s a chance my launcher will miss and I’ll get punished instead, meanwhile Doctor Doom stomps on my head, gets a cup of coffee, then kills me with his combo. I don’t understand the Tron nerfs at all.

Trust me, it’s even more satisfying to wreck with Tron in ultimate in spite of her ‘nerfs’. She can still do combos and resets, they’re just more difficult and less fraud friendly.

Personally, I dont feel a Petition is needed (a petition for a FG character? there’s significantly more important things to petition for in the world)

however, I do wish Tron could be fun again :frowning:

So why did Capcom give all these nerfs to Tron? It’s not like she was overpowered in MVC3, especially when compared to Phoenix or Magneto.

i just want my long, drawn out combos again.

I want my tron back, she was so good, and no i wasnt one of the many frauds who simply used her for assist, my whole team was based off serving tron(Tron/wesker/dante)

:frowning: i still miss my tron to tron dhc glitch combo lol still even with out dhc glitch my regular tron bnb did about 880K with 2 meters

Meh, She can still put stuff on the screen, OTG, and has more mobility then some of the cast. She just needs some solid assists to support her instead of vice versa.

Well, does anyone else think that Tron Bonne’s Gustaff Fire assist should have it’s invincibility back?

If they can find a way to make it comparable to how Haggar’s assist is now that would be fine. Give it a bit more of a vulnerable hit box once it appears or make the active frames on the fireball less long or something.

Still wouldn’t fix her problems on point though, and would make her a snapback target like Hsien-Ko.

Vergil can hit Helmet Breaker and get the jelly donuts to compliment the java before High Time

lol noble cactus, be honest, a small part of you is enjoying seeing someone else go through the pains the hsien-ko players have been experiencing for the past 10 months.

Well played. The evil/ego side in me can’t help it.

And then I remember she’s still probably worse than Tron by a small margin bar the assist. Maybe.

You do get kinda jaded after a while though.